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I am looking for a new receiver, and I can get pretty good deals on
Marantz SR5400
Marantz SR4500
I use 5 channel surround, but mostly using 2 channel stereo, using Triangle speakers
Any suggestions? Thanks

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The Marantz SR-5400 got glowing reviews for its capabilities and actually put out more power with all channels running than advertised. A good buy even at the rrp imho.

I do not know the Triangle speakers so I do not know if they pair well with Marantz or H/K which tend to be a little on the warmer side.


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Thats what I was looking for, a more warm receiver
I wasnt sure which receiver, especially brand, was better, mostly for 2 channel listening

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I've been very happy with my 5400, returned an Onkyo 601 for it. The HKs are nice but a bit more expensive than the 5400 and from what I hear not very user-friendly. Neither is the Marantz, LOL the Onkyo was a snap to setup.

I listened to Triangle speakers at the place I bought the 5400, they sound good but I've opted to buy Ascend Acoustics' 340 speakers instead.

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I am thinking either the Marantz or the HK would be fine
edster922. I heard the Triangles and the Ascends and I thought the Triangles were a better speaker,
but that is saying a lot because I thought the Ascends were great

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1. Marantz SR5400
2. HK AVR 335
3. HK AVR 330
4. HK AVR 235
5. Marantz SR4500

My two cents

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I'm curious, which model Triangle speakers and which model Ascend speakers were you comparing? And what was it specifically about the Triangles that you liked better?

My Marantz dealer offered to have me bring the Ascends into his shop and demo them side by side with his Triangles, an offer I'll gladly take him up on.

He claims that another customer did that with an entire Axiom HT speaker system and ended up shipping them back for a refund.

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Hi edster922
I heard the Ascend 170's side by side with the Triangle Titus. It was actually the old 202 models, there have since been a new ES model, I have not heard those ones yet.
I thought the Ascends were really great speakers, and I auditioned as many speakers as I could find.
The Triangle had to me (heavy emphasis there), a better midrange, amazing -drop dead imaging, and a very refined top end. It can actually sound a little bright on some recordings, which is why I am looking for a warm receiver.
Sound wise I really thought it was a better speaker, I still find 2 channel somewhat haunting, I feel like the performer is right in the room with me.
I would have no problems recommending the Ascends to anyone, in fact, a friend of mine is looking for a new pair of mains, and asked me about my speakers that he heard and loved. I led him right to Ascend. The old Triangle line is hard to come by now, and the new line uses a new horn tweeter I believe.

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Hmm, I don't remember exactly which model/year of Triangles I demoed, only that they were small bookshelves with excellent high end clarity, and the dealer wanted around $300 for the floor model. I think his Triangle towers were close to or just over $1000 so I didn't even bother trying those out.

I didn't know about the new Triangles having a horn tweeter, I don't remember seeing one on the models I tried. I did audition some Klipsch horn tweeter speakers and was not impressed at all.

Funny you like stereo so much, I often opt for Neo6 or PLII even though I only have a L/C/R/sub setup...somehow it just sounds fuller to me, maybe because my listening space is so cavernous.

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I havent heard the new Triangle's yet, I just spoke with the dealer I bought mine from last week and he said they are horn tweeters. I really wasnt impressed with Klipsch either, but I was "assured" by the dealer that these sound nothing like Klipsch and are better than the original Triangles. They are also more expensive than the old models. The old Titus was $495, I got mine for $400. The new Titus go for $750.
I am looking for the old Sextan center channel, but I can not find one anywhere.
I may have to get another center to match, but I dont know what brand???
Any suggestions?
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