Help w/ MPIO FL100 , Gone haywire


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Can anyone offer me some trouble shooting advise. I've had this MPIO FL100 for almost two years now - It's been totally awesome and so easy to use that my 13 year old son uses it. Never had a problem till now.
When I power it up I get a message that says "ROOT , NO TRACK".
I tried reading the manual but it's no help. I suppose I will try and format the memory-see if that works.
Any suggestions from anyone would be appreciated.
Could these things get viruses?
Sorry for all these dumb questions but I figured if anyone had to time to answer I would appreciate it. I hope it's just something simple to fix. Thanks Again.

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I try to connect my MPIO FY200 to my computer, but everytime I do, my computer doesn't reconize the USB device. I have checked the cables that I have so that isn't the problem. Can someone please help!

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My MPIO FL100 recently went crazy. It says ... "ROOT NO TRACK!" I can no longer do anything with it. Can anybody help me? It says that I have to format it, but I have no idea what to do.

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There is a dedicated Digitalway / MPIO User Group with over 5000 posts here>>

I've gotten help there for my FL100 more than once - its really a great resource

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Hey guys I have an fl100 and evertime i connect it the manager,windows,and realplayer doesn't recognize it. WHat do i do. Iv'e read the manual but it doesn't help

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I had an FL100 for 2 and a half years and one day, when I tried dragging new songs in the folder I had, it decided to format itself. So, I lost all my songs. Then, I rebooted my computer, tried again. This time, when I dragged the songs,they wouldn't load and when they did, I was only able to have 2 until the player decided it had its full 128. The songs were like 5MB a piece. I returned it, tried getting the Creative MuVo Micro N200, but my computer didn't like it one bit, so I went back with the FL100, but the 256 model. I did buy the 3 year warranty again in case the stupid ting decides it wants to die. My friend has an iRiver and he has NO problems with it; though, he hasn't had his for a year yet. If you buy an MPIO, make sure to get a warranty!!!!!

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There are dedicated forums at

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I saw there are a few questions about after they d/l their songs to a 1080b and it just plays the songs in fast forward. Did I miss the answer or was there one?

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There is an update on the website for a Windows XP Service Pack 2 updated USB driver. That might fix your problem.

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When i try to turn on my mpio fl100 the screen only glows blue but nothing else is happending... I cant turn it on... Pleas! I need help..Thx

Pavel Ru
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Has fl100 UMS firmware or something more new than 1.35? And what about max SDcard size?

I've seen answer of Digital Way to User: UMS firmware developing ends from day to day. And 1Gb cards will supports too.

PS Execuse me my english - I'm from Russia :-).

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I just bought the MPIO HD200 and im having a lot of trouble getting started. i dont really understand the instuctions. everytime i try to use it, it freezes up. could that be bcuz i dont have any files on it? i think i might be missing some sorta program. wut do i need? thanx for your help!!!

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it took a crap on me the FIRST NIGHT!! i just bought an mpio fy200 256 mb. while i was loading music into it, the program froze. then the "root no track" , and "download image file" messages were all i was seeing on the screen. so i tried to upgrade the firmware, but after i did that the player wouldnt even turn on, and the USB doesnt recognize the device. should i try some aggresive negotiation? i seriously need some help with this. please.

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I seem to having the same "ROOT No track" problem other people have and whenever I turn on the FL100 it says "Please do format" and every advice given to that is "format internal memory" But I don't know how to do that, can anybody explain how you format internal memory. Please? Thank you for anyone whose kind enough to help :]

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i have a FL100 iv pluged it in and my computer wont respond to it but it responds to my other mp3 players

I've also had a FL100 that went "nuts" with the "ROOT No track" - "Please do format" on power-up.

Attempted several different solutions posted in FAQ's and they all failed. At one point the PC stopped being able to communicate with the FL100 even though the usb connection was working.

One additional thing I noticed was that when setting FM radio stations, when the unit was powered off and back on again all preset stations/configurations were gone. Clearly an internal issue to the FL100 and not usb/PC software related. It was as if power were missing to the non-volatile memory or a back internal connection.

So I opened the FL-100 up and took it apart. Very carefully.

Long story short, there are two small circuit boards inside the case. The topmost board has two small connectors on it that mate with the lower board. I removed the upper board, re-installed and re-seated the connections between the two boards and put a battery in it. PRESTO - IT WORKS FINE !

I've now been using it for about 10 hours without any hitch. Even downloaded the current firmware version and updated the firmware.


If someone has a "DEAD" unit and wished to send it to me I'll check it, fix it for $10 and return it or if I'm not able to fix it return it "as is". Sender pays UPS or USPS shipping each way.


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my fy200 took a dump too....

wtf is up with all these mp3 players dying...


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So if somebody knows the program or someting to fix up that problem whit the "download image file" put one link or something because i have the same problem like one year ago a called to mpio company but they dont care about us the costumers and they never take answer of the mails soo please. i dont know what kind of file is "image file" PLESE SOMEBODY CAN PUT THE LINK WHERE I CAN FIND IT!! PLEASEE

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Go to the software provided and connect your fL100 to the computer using the usb. Then click on the top where to says Memory. There it will say format internal memory click on that then everything will be normal.

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Hey guys help me out with my mpio i cant listen music... I format it now it said no how should i fix me out guys thanks

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I've had my mpio fy200 for exactly two years. Guess these things 'fail'like clockwork cause mine just froze up and also gave me the 'root no track' reading'. . Thanks to t-Mac and his simple solution im not running out to the store to buy a new one.

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my fl100 has always been great, but i recently got a 512mb sd card to use with it, was using it fine for a while, but then i think it fried the card! nothing recognizes that 512 sd anymore. i have another card now that i can copy stuff on, but the fl100 only sees whats in internal memory, it sees folders on sd card and isee that "root" thing but it can't find any mp3s... im gonna check out that mpioworld now i guess..

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can someone send me the manager2 file or tell me how you can put music on a fy200 with out it

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ive had the fl00 for a while now, but for some reason today, i put some songs on it but then decided to format the internal memory. when i did do it, it said it formatted it but the same amount remaining still stays there. the damn thing is not formatting! has anyone else had this problem?

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My FL100 also appeares as NO TRACKS.
Unfortanetly, I have to format it. it works, but alwys dead when I'm downloading the files.

It seems always goes like this, what a pitty!
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