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I have a pair of Cerwin Vega E712 with Yamaha receiver. As I did not find local stores carrying Cerwin Vega speakers, I'm thinking to add Klipsch RC25 or Paradigm CC170 as the center channel. Once I read warnings against pairing different makes together. Can people here give any comments? Thanks.

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Most speaker manufacturers voice their products in the same way, since that's the presentation they like best. Different speaker makes can sound quite different. When building a surround sound system, you're trying to build a sound field that has no obvious changes from one part of the field to the next (say front-left speaker to centre). Therefore, if you use an inherently bright centre speaker between two inherently warm speakers, the characteristics of the centre speaker become obvious. This destroys the illusion created by the surround field and makes it sound artificial.

Of course it is artificial, but the whole point of the exercise is to make it as believable as possible. So try to tick with Cerwin vega for your centre (and rears) and you're more likely to build a successful surround soundscape.


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I see a bad mix particularly with the paradigm piece.
CV'S are bass heavy and fine for Van Halen or Strippers, and the Yammi is generally neutral, I find. The Paradigm will stick out like a Mormon on runway row, I think. I presume you dont run a sub, no need, you may consider horns(1 or 2) at the center, which point to Klipch. I think they do it best.

Try to get a loan of each to try, or at least a return guarantee from a dealer who can supply each of your choices.


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I just got J&R's new catalog and they have several cerwin vega center channels on sale. Visit them at

take care
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