Old Infinity Monster Speakers - Looking for HT receiver


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I've got some 12 year old Infinity, VERY LARGE speakers (14+ sub woofer and clean, high efficiency mid range and decent quality tweeter) that I originally thought were just big badAssss dudes, but since recently comparing them to some new C5 Energy speakers, I realize How great these aging, old Infinity's really are. So, I'm keeping them!

My original intention was to buy the new, smaller Energy speakers to save space and then move my old Stereo BIG infinity's into the basement, BUT, my Infinity's kicked theSnot out the C5's and I took the Energy's back to the retailer.

Currently using a Yamaha HTR5750 @ 90 Watts per channel for my HT receiver and while I like the bells and whistles of the Yamaha, I'm looking at upgrading it to a NAD T762 or a ONKYO 702 or something else to even better drive my HT 6.1 surrond setup! (VERY BIG Infinity Fronts, bookshelf Infinity rears, Infinity Centre channel and Velodyne 10" SUB)

Whatever receiver I choose, it has to have a "Coaxial" SP/DIF output to hook up to my HTPC ....

soooo, any recommendations for the best kickAsss receiver that will boost/improve the sound over what I'm currently getting (which ain't too bad) with this budget, reasonably priced Yamaha?

Thanks in advance!

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The above post should read .... 14" big bass speaker in the Infinities! and they have way more mid and high range clarity than the Energy's have!

What would be the Receiver sweet spot to drive these Infinity puppies to the Nirvana of HT, over the Yamaha I have now?
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