Powering a car amp with AC current?


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I know there's a lot of posts about using car amps indoors, but most of them seem to recommend using a ATX computer power supply, or bringing a battery inside to power the amp.

I've already got a power inverter that can handle the wattage I'm hoping to push (this one), so I was wondering how to hook it all up?

I've got a positive and negative terminal on the power supply, so I can easily get power to the amp (just connect it to the positive terminal, right?), but what should I use to ground the amp to, and how do I trigger the remote sensor?

Much appreciative!

Ben Reeves
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connect the positive to the + terminal and to the remote as well (use a short wire to connect the + to Remote) and the - to the - on the amp.

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Thanks Ben.

Connect the ground on the amp to the negative on the power supply?

The remote hooks up to the positive terminal on the power supply because it delivers a constant current, and I don't have to worry about the life of a battery? It'll constantly be on, so long as the power supply is on, right?

Thanks again.
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