Yamaha or Marantz?


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I'm new to this site and could use some help.
I have picked up a yamaha RX V650. I wasn't able to properly test it but figured value for $ it would be a good buy. The store agreed when I bought it that if i wasn't happy with it I could xchange within 30 days. It sounds fine and has enough power for my needs. I'm wondering how the build quality on this unit would compare to the Marantz SR7400. ie transformers, heat sincs, amps etc.etc. Which one will be better in the long run?
how will the RS-232-C port help later on with the Marantz?
Feature for feature these are fairly similar units. Is the Marantz more money due to build quality, power or other?

Thanks for your help


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By the way:
probably using 75% for movies 25% for music as i have another receiver for music.
Also, for now using cerwin vegas but likely switching to Klipsch

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These are not comparable units. The 650 is budget receiver while the 7400 was one of the best mid-priced receivers in it's model run. It has been repalced by the 7500. They have very different sonic characteristics and if you are thinking of switching to Klipsch the Yamaha will not be a good match at all. You are comparing apples and oranges, a Cavalier to a Accord.

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what is it about the internal components of the Marantz line up that makes it superior to Yamaha?

basically I'm looking to buy something that I could potentially keep for a long long time. Realistically i guess I would upgrade in 5-7 years, but if I get to that point and can't or don't want to upgrade, then I don't want to be stuck with something with a less robust build
How does the Rs 232c port help me down the road? Is it strictly surround mode upgrades or more?

Also, the misleading power ratings of the Yamaha as well as little things like plastic volume and input knobs make me wonder what kind of sacrifices have been made inside the box.
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