Onkyo 701 or 801


stevie d
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trying to decide between the two for ht is it worth paying the extra for the 801 any suggestions

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Watch what you choose to say on this NAD And Elite fan forum. NO YAMAHA, NO ONKYO, NO DENNON, Just NAD NAD NAD . WOW!!! What speakers do you have?

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I've listned to both through Polk RTi6's. I didn't notice any difference in sound quality, but if you want the 7th channel, Netune, and more inputs (which I personally care less about), go with the 801. Otherwise the 701 would be fine. I read on here that Onkyo uses better parts in their 8 seies and up. That's bunch of bull IMO. Good luck!

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I recently auditioned the 701 at home. Glad I did before buying it. Needless to say I am still shopping. DO YOUR RESEARCH.

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Onkyos seem to have real problems generating power to the speakers. Forget the 100 wpc ratings those receivers have because they are not true. A few months back Sound & Vision bench tested several receivers, including the Onkyo 900, bigger brother to the two you are considering. The 900 is rated by Onkyo at 125 wpc x 7, but when all channels were driven, the receiver clipped at 54 wpc. Thus, it was only capable of 43% of its rated power, and this is not the first Onkyo to be so tested and found wanting. It appears Onkyo is more interested in getting in on the ground floor of Net Tune than they are putting out a receiver that works right.

NAD is a favorite on this forum because it not only meets its power rating, it typically exceeds it by 15% or more. We also tend to like Rotel, H/K and Marantz, as well, for the same reason. They don't cut corners by putting in a crummy power supply. With sufficient power, the program information will sound much more real, rather than like it is being squeezed through a little tiny box. We also like Pioneer Elite because it is so well built. So, if it offends some people (e.g., Cliff), that is too bad. I will not apologize for offering advice based upon both what I hear and the bench tests by well respected reviewers. You see, some brands are committed to making a quality product. Other brands are simply committed to putting out fancy brochures to make it look like they are making a quality product when in fact they aren't. The value of this board is to let consumers know which is which.

I currently have a Denon 3803 (not a cheapie) and I cannot wait to get rid of it. If you like the looks or the function of the Onkyo, but want a quality receiver, I would recommend the Marantz line, like a Marantz 6400 or 7400, which would be the price competitors of the Onkyo receivers you have asked about. They are very good.

Sorry to rant . . . .Good luck to you.
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