Audio Analogue Bellini any good?


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This is a possible buy, I own Arcam alpha 9p powr amp to go with it.
Reviews say that it may be softer with harder(rock, metal) music. Can the pre-amp do that to the sound?
Anyway Arcam is harder sounding ,so whaddya think about this combo?

Music is mostly instrumental,pop,rock,slightly electro..
Bye All. HNY

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The preamp is often the weakest link in the chain. People often assume that all it does is switch between inputs and apply volume. This isn't true. very often problems in the preamp are the source of discontent in a system. So yes, the preamp can do to the sound anything that you would care to imagine.


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I haven't been dissappointed with any AA products that I've heard but I primarily listen to vocal and jazz although my tastes do the gamut from rock to classical.

Over generalizing is perhaps a sin in our hobby but if I had to describe the AA products, it's the classic Italian sound. Liquidity and warmth are are higher sonic priority than relentless pacing and drive. I dare say they offer a bit of the tube sound in solid state.

If rock is your thing, you may feel the Bellini may be too laid-back. If you feel you need to tame a system that is too bright, it might do the trick.

Check it out yourself and see how you like it.
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