How about an integ amp or receiver that colors the sound?


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I've been moaning for that past couple weeks about the NAD 370 I picked up recently. The detail and clarity are too much for me. I find it irritating on certain recordings. I need an amp/receiver that smooths it all out. I know, I won't be listening to the "true" sound. However, I don't think I'm ready for the "true" sound yet.

My old Onkyo smooths the sound out but also isn't clear at all. I'm sure there's an amp/receiver out there for me. Isn't there?

Anyone understand what I'm talking about? If so, please help.

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I know what you mean, but NAD C370 isn't too bright in my view.
What speakers and source do you use?

An Arcam amp would be something of your taste I guess.
The Diva A65 is pretty mellow, laidback.

But don't give up on your NAD yet.
How do you listen? Are you focussing on its weak points or do you listen to the complete picture?
Just listen to music, ignore the rough and bright edges for a time and stop comparing the new amp with your older one.

The cheapest way to deal with this problem is simply to adjust your ears on the new sound. I can imagine that when you've lived with a certain sound it'll be difficult to get used to a new kind of sound.

Maybe I'm lucky but I can easily enjoy music no matter on which set it's played on. When my cd player broke (and I didn't have any money) I had to play my music on a crappy portable AKAI cassetteplayer/cd player for a few months. At first I was underwhelmed by its lack of detail and oversmooth sound with no treble at all. A few days later I was actually liking it.
When the new cd player came I didn't like its sound that much: too bright, agressive treble. A few days later I got used to the sound. Too bright? Agressive? None of this. What was I thinking?

I'm not very helpful am I? :-)


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Thanks. I'm listening to Onix RS750 Sig Series speakers. They are supposed to be a pretty laid back speaker.
I often just have music in the background when I'm working at my puter or whatever. So, I'm not really listening to anything in particular but the highs/voices just give me a headache.

I'm going to hook up the amp to my DefTech's in teh basement and see how they sound. I'll also hook up my 750's to my HK 525 and see if they sound bright. I hope I'll be able to narrow it down. . .

Also, I'm in a small room so the tweeter is pointed directly at me and it's about 4 feet away.

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That is not to say I haven't got any idea of an ideal sound.
(my set sounds without any doubt better than that AKAI portable cassette/cd)

So, maybe you will not and cannot let your ears get used to the NAD.
That's a problem. It'll cost you some time and efford.
Listen to the Arcam (with your speakers and cd player)
Maybe stick with your Onkyo and listen to other (more revealing) speaker/cd player combinations or start saving all your money for a tube amp.

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Ok your post was send while I was typing my thoughts on my previous post.

Well good luck.

p.s. don't give up on your NAD too easy: it's really a very good amp.
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