Speakers for Mirage Omnisats


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I've decided to go with the Mirage Omnisat speaker set up. Probably with a Hsu subwoofer.

It's in a basement (in Michigan) with 8 foot acoustic tile ceiling. The room is about 25 x 35 overall. I'll 'divide' the room in half with couches, etc.

What receiver do you recommend for this setup?

I've looked at:
Harman Kardon AVR 330
Denon 2803
Onkyo 701
Integra - not sure of the part number)
Panasonic xr45

What do you think?

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Panasonic xr45 - sounds smooth and clean with a great bass like an upscale piece - and only $300.

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Those Omnisats are what aI call a very "hot" speaker--that is, they are very detailed and even bordering on bright, but they are wonderful to listen to with the right electronics. I think they are a very good choice.

I would defintely get the H/K from your list. It is the warmest sounding and has the best power supply (H/Ks always put in quality power supplies, unlike most receiver makers). It also has a slightly laid back sound that will take the edge off of those OmniSats, without sacrificing their wonderful detail. I have heard this combo and it really works well.

Good luck!

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Hawk, James.

Thanks for your advice...

I think I'll go with the H/K...


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Hawk really knows his stuff. Believe in him. I do. Go with the H/K. The omni's are great looking.
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