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I've been reading all the threads and posts about the nad T7*3 series and hiss with great interest because I was about to buy a T743 receiver and a T752 DVD/CD player. I'm sure many people are quite happy with these receivers and others are equally unhappy because of seemingly endless problems. I also think that several posts offered some possible solutions including the new software. But still I feel I should reconsider and ask for advice. One post suggested that only the A/V line has these problems and the stereo series is great. But I never found the post that really supported this view. Does any one know or can you tell me where to look to find information on this point? This is my first time buying a system and more information would be helpful.

My main interest is audio; I really don't care about home theater. I was just going that route because I need a dvd player. But I will only have two speakers at first or maybe for a long time. And a friend of mine has been skeptical about whether an expensive dvd player makes a significant difference. So I would be quite happy buying one system that delivered great audio and having a separate dvd player to watch movies, especially if an expensive dvd player has a negligible effect on what I see.

I was also planning on buying from one of the websites that sell NAD. Is this a good way to go? I'm not sure I can really afford the T-series if I buy from a local retailer. And what about buying a refurbished receiver and dvd player? I don't want problems especially if I have to deal with an internet company.
( I also have questions about speakers--I'm thinking about KEF Q5's, Paradigm, or Monitor Audio. But perhaps I should use another thread for that question.)

Thanks for your help!

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I can tell you that the Pioneer dvd player 578A-S
is in most stores for $129.00 including Crutchfield. Supposedly gives great performance for dvds, cds, sacd and dvda. It has received very good reviews and has been recommended to me at stores by different people. The Nad is a touchy subject, I would like to get one also but in my case whatever can go wrong usually does, that is also why I don!t want to buy from an unauthorized dealer. One specialty dealer that sold Denon and Nad told me if I bought an Nad receiver to go with the Denon dvd player instead of the Nad and that the best low priced dvd player was the Pioneer and that it was very good.

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Evangelina, I have perused this forum for over a year and a half. I have a NAD T763 and an integrated amplifier, NAD T372. While I have never had trouble with the T763, I certainly don't discount all the posts about problems with the surround line that NAD has. I have always advocated making sure that you have a dealer that you know you can go to if there is a problem. All of this time, I haven't seen any post discussing any similar problems with NAD stereo line. In fact, the NAD C320BEE is a highly rated integrated amplifier in its price range. Here is what the Absolute Sound says:

"Like one of those amazing ten-dollar wines that leaves us wondering 'Why spend more?' the 50W C 320BEE gives such a strong taste of the high end that you might be tempted to think it doesn't get any beter than this. It does, of course, but you'll have to spend at least a grand before the difference is worth it."

I am thrilled at my C372 but wonder if I didn't buy something too powerful. The C302BEE is supposed to sound even better, I just wasn't sure that 50 Watts were enough.

NAD gives you a taste of audiophile like quality for midfi price. There are lots of other folks who would recommend other things. In checking reviews, I haven't seen that NAD's dvd players or cd players are anything really special. I think CB above is correct on his dvd recommendation. I did buy a NAD dvd/dvd-a player for a couple of reasons. I really like my NAD dealer and he gives me incredible prices on demos. I did find that the NAD dvd sound quality was a real step up over a $75 Circuit City DVD player I had.

Let me recommend as an excellent place to do searches and find past threads. I like ecoustics alot for the regulars and discussions but I find the search function almost impossible to do. There are a lot of discussions on the NAD and other products at

As for on line dealers on NAD, the ones I am familiar with who, I believe, are authorized to sell NAD are:, and

Good luck.

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Jonathon and CB---Thanks for your recommendations and info!! I'm going to do more reseach on the NAD audio components and prices before I buy anything.

I was about to buy the NAD T743 and T572 from SoundSeller ( or I think that they are both authorized dealers. But what does authorization really mean if something goes wrong. Shipping to Wisconson or New York in order to have a problem fixed would probably be an extended nightmare. I'd like to buy online, but I want to be feel reasonably confident that I won't have the problems I've seen discussed.

Thanks again!!

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The main thing about authorized dealers is that NAD's own warranty is in force. If you buy from an unauthorized dealer, the manufacturer does not honor the warranty. The unauthorized dealer may still have its own warranty or not. You can go to NAD's own website and usually find out who is an authorized dealer.
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