Best amp add-on to Elite receiver?


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I have a Pioneer Elite VSX-53-TX hooked up to Klipsch RF-3's.
I have been pretty happy with the sound, although never blown away as with some very high-end systems I have heard. But, I have always tried to keep it in perspective as bang for the buck. The improvements in sound always seem to be smaller and smaller increments for larger and larger dollar amounts!!!.. Way thing go with exclusive quality wish list items... used Toyota Supra vs. Ferrari!??
But, I recently discovered my system "could" be even better with a little help.
(Turbo-charge my Supra??)
I was recently in an audio store and testing out some CD players. The store happened to have an Elite 56 hooked up to RF-5's. Both a little step above my system, but close enough. I wasn't comparing this system to mine.
What we did though was test the unit with the receiver alone vs. with a power amp hooked up using the Elite as a Pre-out.
The amp was an Adcom with 7 Channels (I think). I don't know the model, but it cost about $1500. Way more than I can pay right now.
I think it was putting out about 100 watts per channel, so not much more power than the Elite.
However, the sound improvement was obvious!
I really liked the improvement.
I am strongly considering doing something similar, but need some advice.

I read the thread: "Affordable used amps that work with magnepans?", but I didn't get the feeling that the information was geared to my application. So, I felt I should open a new thread.

I am running my system for surround with 7.1, but I frequently use my system to listen to music. I use the system for movies more, but the quality of sound for music is much more important to me.
While talking to the salesperson about my needs and preferences, he suggested that I could just get a 2-channel power amp for a lot less money than a 5 or 7 channel amp.
Use the 2-Channel amp to power my front main speakers for music and for movies and let the Elite power the surrounds for movies.

Is this a good approach?

If so, what would be the best sounding amp to go with a Pioneer Elite VSX-53TX Receiver and Klipsch RF-3 combination?

I would even consider a used good condition amp if it helped me get better bang for the buck (AND I knew what was a good used amp to consider!). I need to keep the price under $500 or so. $200 - $300 would be "MUCH" better for my wallet.

Any help would be appreciated.

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I am using my P.E. 53 as pre for two NAD C-270 for my fronts and I am very pleased with the sound. Now the 270's are not easy fo find anymore but you can try the C-272. The difference is that I have Polk speakers (RTi12's) and can not tell how this amp will sound with your Klipchs.
Just a suggestion.
Good luck
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