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I just discovered this site, and love it. I can't believe all of the info that can be found here. I must admit, I am a bit overwhelmed at all the choices out there today, and need some help/suggestions from you people who know this stuff inside and out. I'm looking for the right receiver/speaker combo for a home theater system. I currently have a Samsung HDTV 50" DLP, samsung Directv hdtv receiver, and a samsung DVD-HD931 player. I will mainly use the receiver for home theater. Attention to fine musical detail is not a concern to me. But at the same time, I would like a system that will last for years and not need to be updated any time soon, but I also don't want to waste money on receiver features that I don't need, or won't use. I really don't want to spend more than $500 on the receiver and the same for the speakers, so that brings my overall budget to $1000. I will probably only use a 5 speaker surround setup at this time, but should I stay ahead and get a 7.1 receiver?

Thanks for any suggestions!

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i forgot to mention that i have a stand alone TIVO system too that I will be connecting to the home theater/receiver system.
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