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I've got a Samsung HDTV DLP TV and a Samsung DVD player both with 1 DVI connection. My Samsung Directv receiver also has DVI out to my TV. I'm looking to get a new audio receiver, but am not seeing any new receivers with DVI input/outputs. Why is this? Is component just as good as DVI?

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No component is not as good as DVI, DVI is pure digital.. I doubt you'll find a receiver with a DVI in and out.. Not sure why you would want it for first of all good DVI cables are not cheap and by going through your receiver your doubling the DVI cable expensive and second you want the connection as direct as possible the more splits in the connection the more chance of corrupting the signal... I also have a Sammy DLP and found the DVI is best for HD and Digital programing but when watching analog channels (our cable company is not fully digital as of yet) S-video gives me a better picture then DVI or Component. If you want the best HD picture go DVI.

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The upcoming Outlaw 1070 receiver is slated to have DVI switching (2 inputs) It *should* be available in the next month or so.

See more details at their site Outlaw Audio

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As already stated, you should probably run your video directly to your set. In the end, you will probably take the most common route and hook up your cable/sat via dvi and the dvd via component.

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Thanks for the info. My main problem right now, is that my TV only has 1 DVI input, but I have 2 DVI outputs (one for my Directv Receiver and one from my DVD player) so it's a pain to be unplugging them in the back of the TV when I want to switch from Directv to DVD. Guess I'm stuck doing this for a while unless I drop down to component input/outputs from my DVD player. Any other options out there where I can still use both DVI outs?

Thanks again

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Try looking at the Marantz 8500 which has 2 DVI in's and 1 DVI out.

http://www.marantz.com/new/index.cfm?fuseaction=Products.Product&cont=eu&bus=hf& prod_id=3197&series=comp&type=avr

Most will tell you that the more connections you have between a source and display the more chance of degredation. Thus by running a DVI through a receive you may not get the best picture. You will have to try it out yourself I guess and make your on conclussion...and report back to us of course ;-)


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In case you haven't figured it out by now... DVI (Digital Video Interface) is just that. It only transfers true digital video. There is no audio being transferred. Unfortunately the "man"ufacturers have duped us again by advancing DVI to HDMI (High Definition Multimedia Interface.) HDMI allows true digital video conversion with up to 8 channels of analog audio. I'm currently dreaming about the prospect of purchasing a surround sound receiver w/ HDMI in's & out's. However, currently the only one that I've found runs about $4000 on crutchfield.com. Go figure.

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Thanks for the help everyone. That Marantz is exactly what I've been looking for. Unfortunately, I'm sure the price tag will keep me from getting it anytime soon. I've never heard of Outlaw. I assume it's quality stuff based on the price, but I'll probably stick to a brand name I'm familiar with. Thanks!
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