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are these type of speakers a good match with the NAD amp? and if so which model NAD will be best suited with these. speaker. also if i use floorstanding for the fronts should i use surrounds like the ADP-170 or the Focus bookshelf for the rear speaker is there any differance. Thankyou

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Paradigms are a wonderful match with NAD amps. One of the very best combos.

As for which NAD, you need to tell us how big is your room?

Rear surrounds are a matter of taste. I believe the ADP-170 is a "di-pole" speaker. That means they each have a double set of drivers that are out of phase with one another. This gives a broader soundfield in the rear as nothing is focused. Some people really like di-poles, some prefer bi-poles (also a double set of drivers, but they are in phase), and some prefer directional speakers (Focus). It is all a matter of personal preference. You should try them out before buying to see which you prefer.

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Great combination!
NAD owns PSB. The PSB alpha series is another option (they have more options that the paradigms performance series). If I have to do it all over again, for my second setup, I will choose (my favorite) the paradigm atoms (4 of them) with a NAD amp. They are rated at 50w (very clean/dynamic sound) 89db. The only down side I see is the cc170 center channel (is suppouse to be matched to the 5 1/4" driver of the performance series). Users complaint about the lack of bass extension. However, the sound of the cc170 is very clear and detailed. I will try 3 pairs of atom in a 6.1 configuration. Why not?

Currently I'm using PSB image series (7.1 configuration with Onkyo 898) in my first setup and, with great results, 3-athena AS-C1 (front/center with marantz sr7400) and 2 AS-B1 for surrounds in my second set up. The athena audition series are also canadian design speakers and are a great bargain!

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I had a NAD integrated with Paradigm mini-monitors for my 2 channel system for many years - that was a great combo. The smooth NAD controlled the somewhat bright, forward paradigms very nicely, without comprimising any of their great clarity and detail capabilities, and made a huge improvement on their priviously boomy bass.

My current HT setup uses atoms, cc270, cinema surrounds and a PDR-10, powered by an Onkyo DVD receiver. I'm not as picky about sound in my HT system, if I was I would have fought for atoms all around (the cinemas are there for their size), a bigger sub (again, a size consideration) and higher quality electronics. Still, given that I paid ~$1300 for the entire setup, including cables, buying everthing brand new at retail, I am frequently impressed with the sonics. I think it has mostly to do with the Atoms, they really are amazing little speakers.

Anyway, back to your system: the paradigms are very efficient speakers, any of the NAD models with 50wpc should be plenty. You could get away with less power if you don't listen at loud levels. A system with something like phantoms in front with atoms or adp170s in the back, a cc270 and pdr12 driven by a nad av receiver - dam you now I want to upgrade :-) - should work nicely.
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