Pioneer 1014 Set up issues


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Got my 1014 last night and could NOT get the Digi audio to work out of my PS2. I have had it at a friends house and the digi (opti) out worked fine with his HK. I didn't know if there was a setting or something i am missing on the PS2 or the 1014. Right now I am not using RGB vid, just S-vid out of the PS2. The 1014 says that any vid input is automatically output through the rgb out on the receiver. But I was wondering if something wasn't set up right since I am using an analog Vid signal (s-vid) instead of component. We were thinking it was a bad tuner but there are so many setup options, i figured we were just tired last night and forgeting something.

Also, what should I set the video on the the PS2 for my hlp5063? 4:3 or 16:9?


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I think you have to change the DIGITAL output setting in the menu of the sony ps either to or from pcm(can't remember)-I'm assuming ps is like any other dvd player with respect to dig. output.
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