Review: Pioneer Elite VSX54TX


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Well were should I start...lets start with the cons. It took me a little over 6-7 hours to hook it up and configure the thing to my room, and make it it put out full power. When using the "multi channel automatic accoustic equalization doo hicky" it was configuring the receiver with feeble settings to apparently match my room. I played it and it sounded like it had the balls of a 5 year old school boy. So after much tinkering, I did a direct comparison to my dads Yamaha RX-995(approx 4 years old) well lets just say the Yamaha blew it out of the water. I was pissed. More tinkering followed. Then I played it on DVD/LD direct. (using Coaxial Monster Cable in DVD IN) This setting over rides the MCCAC. WOW. What a difference. It was all of a suden putting all 110 true watts of power into my Def Tech 7006's!! Absolutely incredible clarity at extremely high volumes. (approx. -3db, and even up to 0db!!!) Distortion was minimal to none. The sound of Jimmy Pages guitar riffes on "When the levee breaks, Unledded, DVD" where earth shaking!!! I then played another DVD, Toto, white sister, live in amsterdam....a very complexe rocky kinda song. It handled it very nicely, even with the multi layering of instruments.

Now with all that said, I have the choice of returning the unit and switching it with a Yamaha RXV2500. I insisted I would have this option because I have never really heard a Pioneer unit, and all I've heard were Yamaha units(they have all been phenominal!) Will I be exercising this option....I'm not sure, gonna give the 54 a bit more listening time....but I have a feeling I will. More powerful at 130W/Chn and less total harmonic distortion at 0.05%

Any comments/experience with the RXV2500 would be greatly apreciated! Thank you in advance.

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I am very interested in what happens, as I am looking at exactly the same to units. I don't know what to suggest for redoing the MCACC. I understand that the Yamaha's user interface is easier. The Pioneer will let you bi-amp the front speakers though, which is pretty cool. don't think you can bi-amp Def-Techs.

Where did you buy?

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Keep the Elite and go to Radio Shack and buy a sound level meter. None of the various auto setup features on any receiver I have read about sets up a room correctly. Even the $4500 Yamaha rx-z9 couldn't do it right. The Elite is a much better match for your Def Tech's even though the last two generations of Yamaha are vast improvements over their offerings of the last 20 years or so. I am an old Yamaha fan but they lost their way some time back and finally got their act together last year with the 2400. It's up to you but no matter what receiver you buy you need a SPL to set it up right.

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Xsound, I live in Ontario, Can, and I bough the pioneer elite at a store called Stereo plus. Like I said the unit worked great after i had to f*ck around with it for a long time. Then just said the hell with the MCACC. I keep being told that the sound of the Yamaha is too bright, and at loud volumes it might cause the shrill of high frequency sounds to become irritating(or worse) I dont know.......I'm gonna do some more testing with some regular audio CD's then maybe some DVD audio's. By the time my 14 day audition period is over I will know what system I want to keep. However I heard the elite is a good match for the Def Techs. Time will tell.
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