Yamaha RX-Z9 with Monitor Audio speakers?


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I am trying to put together an HT/Music system.
First the room: 21'L by 16"W by 15'H, steep cathedral. Floor is hardwood, 70% covered with short pile rugs. Ceiling is plank cypress. One long wall is wall board and the other long wall is windows with wooden blinds, always closed. System will be on the width wall with the listener at the other end of the room, against the wall.
I want to get the Yamaha RX-Z9 because I need the video component conversion and I like the idea of the Faroudja processing. My question is speakers. I'm considering the Monitor Audio gold 20's, Gold center, ASW 100 sub, and silver FXi for the surrounds and the rears. I will be running it as a 7.1 system. I'm assuming that the Z9 will sound similar to the Z1.(risky) I'll have to audition it once someone local gets a Z9 in stock and hooked up. I have up to $7K in speaker budget. The system will be 70% movies, 30% music. (A la Moody Blues)

1: Comments on this system?
2: Other speaker recommendations to check out?
3: DVD recommendation? DVDR recommendation?

Thank you for your opinions and advice.

Fab 5
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I have MA Silver series speakers. From what i've read and heard, Yamaha and MA don't mix well.

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A very good match with yamaha is Paradigm. Paradigm is a very laid back speaker that should work well together with Yamaha's brightness. Look at Paradigm's studio series, great speakers, and great price.
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