Receiver purchase next 7 days. Down to Rx-v2500 and VSX-54tx. Input appreciated.


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I lusted over the vsx-56txi, but the reality is I can't afford it. So I am down to the vsx-54tx, or the Yamaha rx-v2500.
Had a brief audition with a 53tx, vs a 1500,vs denonavr3805 on some Polk LSi15's. Narrowed down to Yammie and Elite. (Liked Denon as well, but am going with one of the other 2)

I wanted the 56txi for the usb and especially the firewire connection. I may not get to upgrade anytime soon, so want to keep the connections as future proof as possible.

Yamaha seems to be the more user friendly of the 2, though would love to hear some input on user interface and remote stuff (this is a big consideration for the missus)

I am currently using some old Monitor Audio (MA700 gold mkII), and an old Klipsch Sub (I will use some old CV's for surround. Center channel will be the first speaker purchase). Will be buying in the next year either MA Silver series or Axioms (I can't wait to hear the QS8's.)

Room is probably considered huge as it is open "great" room with dining, and kitchen. Listening area is 15X21. total room size is 26X24 with vaulted ceiling.

Probably 60% movie, 40% music.

In the audition of the 3 receivers, I found the Denon to be a little more detailed and forward, the Pioneer to be a little more warm and laid back, and the Yamaha to be more inbetween. I know that the Monitors are very detailed speakers, and reviews seem to indicate that the Axioms are as well. I will be auditioning the Yamaha and the Pioneer again in more detail (provided I can find some place that carries them nearby) tweeter in Charleston doesn't have any of the new elite stuff.

I am open to all sorts of banter and suggestion. I tried searching the archives to find comparisons, but must be doing it wrong.

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That's a real tough choice. I like the Elites, but it would come down to which features you want.

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I also have a MA system and have heard MA's with other brands as well but I would highly recommend the Elite 54 in your case. I like the new Yamaha's but they are just not as good a match in this case. I have heard MA's with Denon and did not like that combo at all. Both are good but not so good together. Once you get used to how the Elite operates you'll find it very user friendly. Since you seem interested in the firewire connection on the Elite 56 maybe you can find a Elite 55 somewhere.

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Unfortunately, even buying off the net from an unauthorized dealer, I just can't afford the 56.

I just can't swing $1,000. I can get the 54 and the 2500 for about the same amount.

Elitefan, have you heard the MA's with a 2500? I was very surprised at how "neutral" the 2500 seemed when put between the denon and the elite.

The features on the 54 and the 2500 seem to be pretty equal. Are you aware of some that are on one but not the other? I know the 2500 has 1 more component input. Both do video upconversion. Both with DPLIIX, THX select, etc. I like yamaha's processing modes, but I like the beefiness that mosfets seem to give.
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