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I know next to nothing about setting up a home theater system. I have a KLH Sequel Series HTA-4100 that I got for Christmas. I suspect that it isn't that great of a system, but I didn't have a home theater system at all. However, I don't have an amp to use them with right now. I'm pretty limited on cash so I could only afford something about $150.
1 Center and 4 Satellite speakers all identical.
Impedance:8 ohms average
Sensitivity: 86 dB 1W-1M
They are 100 watt speakers.
The Subwoofer has a built in 50 watt amp.
Response:50 Hz to 180 Hz
FTC rating:<1% THD@25w@50Hz@4ohms
Should I go with a HLK amp for best compatibility?
How many Watts?
There's a 600W KLH receiver(receiver and amp are the same thing right?) on ebay. Is it crazy to get an amp with that much power for speakers of 100w? There is also a 200 watt KLH reciever. Please help me, I don't know anything about this stuff!

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A receiver is an all in one unit, consisting of a tuner (AM/FM radio), a pre amp and an amp. And in the case of the 5.1 system, which is what you 're looking for, a surround processor.

An integrated amp has a pre amp and an amp.

An amp is just that, the amplifier stage of the audio signal chain. ie: source(CD/tuner) - pre amp - amp - speaker. Given your budget, an inexpensive 5.1 receiver is what you should be looking for.

Don't be missled with wattage claims. That 600W KLH is around 100-120 watt per channel. Remember, the 5.1 receiver has 5 speaker channels. So that 600W is for all five channels. Oh, just because you have KLH speakers, it doesn't mean you have to get a KLH receiver. Go to audioreview.com and do some reading on KLH and others. I'd look at Yamaha, Denon and Onkyo as well.

Good Luck.


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Laster is givvin good advice on the receivers. From what I've seen lately, maybe sont as well.(cheap)

Good luck with the start up!
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Thank you very much. I really appreciate the help! I read up on the yamaha 5550 and it had great reviews, but I think I'm going to get the 5730. It's cheaper and better.

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Can someone explain how this 6 ohm HTR-5730 will react with my 8 ohm speakers? Also, I couldn't find any feedback on this amp, just the 5550 which had great feedback. Could there be a significant difference?
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