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Need help going crazy trying to figure out what I want. I either getting a NAD T753 or yamaha RX-V1500 or RX-V2500. I was wondering which set of speakers will go better with either of those receivers. In the studio I am looking at studio 60's front, 20's for rear and their center. In the monitors i am looking at monitor 9 or 11 for fronts and montior 3 or 5 for rears and thier center CC-370. THe only problem is nobody around my area has the monitor to listen to. I have heard the studio set-up on a yamahaRX-V2500 and it sounds great. I guess my question is are the studios that much better than the monitors because I can save some money by choosing the monitors. Thanks and all input is appreciated.

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I think you really need to A/B the speakers. I'm currently in the process of deciding which line of paradigms to go with myself. In the monitor line it's the 7s for me, I much preferred the sound of the 7s over the 9s or 11s. Now I need to decide which of the studio series I like the sound of best, then I'll compare the prefered monitor and studio speakers to decide if the extra money for the studios is worth it.

In some quick listening, the Studio's do sound different than the monitors. I need to listen more to decide if they sound "x" dollars bestter than the monitor line.

I plan on getting dipoles for the surrounds, cc470 or 570 for the center, and a siesmic 10 or 12 for a sub.

Also, if a bookshelf type of speaker is ok for your fronts, don't rule out the studio 40s either. I was a/b'in the 40s and 100s a couple days ago and they both sound really nice, I liked the 100s better though. A little more low en extension and overall more pleasing to my ears. The 40s seemed a little brighter for some reason.

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