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I received the Durabrand Home-Theater-In-A-Box (STS98) for a Christmas present. It features 5.1 surround sound and I'm attempting to hook it up in my office to play music. Does anyone know if I can take the 5.1 speakers, hook them up to a mini-shelf stereo system, and get the same surround sound effect? Are there any special requirements, hook-ups, etc. that I need to be aware of? Any thoughts on what would be best? My space is limited, too.

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From a "stereo system" you'll only get "stereo sound", no matter how many speakers you hook up to it.
IMO, KISS. Unless you'll be watching movies at the office, just go with a stereo set-up. Good stereo beats mediocre surround sound any day.

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Has anyone been able to find the specs for the outputs on this unit? I just bought one on boxing day and I'm very impressed. Good sound for good price and a hell of a lot smaller than a full-blown system. Now how do I find out what the MAX output is for the sub so I can change it.

I bought one of these as a cheap bedroom system, and it does okay for the most part. I wish the sub had a little more power, though. As for specs on the STS98, even the manufacturer's website
(, doesn't provide details for some reason, but they do have manuals/parts.

My first choice would have been a separate DVD player and a Regence HT-391 140 W sound system, which has received some good ratings and is built by Lenoxx (a little more substance, longer warranty, AND specs available), but they were out of stock. I will probably end up keeping the STS98.


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Agreed its an entry level type system, but for those on a budget or living in a small appartment or room this is a good little system with plenty of features.

I checked the website and the web for specs but no luck.

I'm guessing 25w x6 @ 6 ohm would be a fair assumption. Now where do I find a decent sub at 6 ohms? Haven't looked around lately.

I also wonder about this higher rated amp they have on the website...

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does anyone know what the difference between the pro logic II settings, (movie, pl II, matrix etc...) and which is the best to use for getting good surround quality out of vhs tapes and digital cable?

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I found out the specs for the subwoofer. While looking thru the air pipe, I saw the stamp on the magnet of the speaker that says 60W 6 Ohms.

As for the digital cable, it all depends on what you're watching. I find that Matrix will work best when no surround is available or listening to digital music channels. Matrix will also probably be best for VHS, but best thing to do is try 'em out and see which sounds better.
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