Yamaha 1400, advise on what pre amp or AMP


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This is my system:
Yamaha 1400
Energy Encores w/ Sub
Hitachi HD ready 57"
Monster HTS 3500 Power Cond.
My question is, what is my next step to make a significant change in my 90% movie room. Do I go with a pre-amp? what would you suggest? Would this be to only power up my fronts & center? Leave the rear encores on the yamaha only? I'am lost. I want to get my system a bit better. What to do next, thank you

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What problem are you trying to fix? Is the Yamaha adequately driving your speakers as loud as you want without distortion?

If you haven't balanced your system, that is the first thing I'd do.

If you have a hard floor it is a good idea to put down a large rug. If you listen on a sofa or chair against a hard wall it is a good idea to put a thick tapestry or a rug with a fancy design and hang it on the wall. Things like this can do wonders to acoustically improve a room.

The pre-amp on the Yamaha is very good, believe it or not. I would sooner run an Outlaw Audio amp, NAD amp, or ATI amp into the Yamaha 1400, if it is capable of accepting outside amplification.

But the above is only if you have problems driving your speakers.

After you balance your speakers (you can use a Radio Shack SPL Meter) if the Yamaha doesn't have adequate balancing system.

But it might all come down to the fact that you need new speakers to get the improvement you are looking for.

Certainly don't look for speaker wires or interconnects as problem solvers.

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Hi, my usage is 95% music , 5% movies.. I am loking at buying a receiver.
I have a choice between:
Kenwood sovereign 5080, Integra 6.4, Yamah dsp a 3090, onkyo Tx ds 777. My most obvious question is which one should i go for? Iam inclined towards kenwood(tough call)

Secondly, would u recommend that instead of this i should go in for a pre/ power amp combination and a separate decoder.. i mean when i am paying for a high end receiver model how much of my money is going towards audio and how much towards the digital stuff??
Do specifications really mean anything? for example the will a receiver with a distortion of 0.03% (a la kenwood) be better than an integra with 0.08% distortion at the same power/ impedance?

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i have a Yamaha HTR-5760 this works great but my record player is really quiet. I also have a RX-396 Yamaha the record player plays great,(the later of the 2 has phono were the other doesn't). Do i need a pre-amp to connect these two recievers, so i can use all speakers? If so any suggestions on a Yamaha model and maybe an area close to Oshawa,Ont,Canada.
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