Recommendations - 5.1, thx, all goodies??


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hey guys, designing a home theater and looking for some recommendations! so far i have an rmb-1075 and a pair of really nice cables. for speakers i think i'm going with the following:

b&w 704 fronts
b&w htm-7 center
b&w ds-6 rears
paradigm pw-2200 sub

what i still need to pick out is a dvd player and a pre-amp. looking for recommendations on both. for pre i am looking for something thx, with dts and all the other goodies. what do you guys recommend ?

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I like the speaker selection apart form the sub. I don't know the Paradigm at all. I *do* know that the B&Ws get on very well with REL subs such as the Stampede or Strata V - they integrate very well indeed.

The usual match with the RMB1075 is the Rotel processor (1066 I think). It's an OK processor and contains most of the bits you want, although I'm not sure if it's THX certified. The Arcam AV8 processor is lovely but that's fairly expensive.

The DVD player is the source of all that's happening in the system. Try not to go light on the DVD player if possible. Really fabulous pictures and sound can be had from the Arcam Diva DV79. The Denon range is pretty good too, although they suffer in the sound stakes by comparison to the Arcam, even though you'll just be using it as a transport. It might be an idea to give us an idea of your budget to be able to advise. Also I'm in the UK. You will get different deals over in the US and there are other marques such as Parasound and Lexicon which are at vastly different prices to here so you need some responses from your side of the pond too.


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Username: Sickmint79

Mchenry, Il United States

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i ended up getting axiom speakers; rotel rsp-985 preamp and denon 2900 amp. eagerly awaiting everything to arrive!
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