Pioneer DV-578a Question - Analog & Digital Out


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I'm considering replacing my Panny 5 disc changer with the DV-578a, but I have a question about the audio ouputs. Is it possible to configure the unit to output via the 6 analog outputs for DVD-A and SACD, but outputting via a digial out for DVD-V? My reciever can only switch the analog and digital inputs on the front face, and I don't want to have to change the settings everytime I play a new disk.

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I have a Pioneer 563a and I could have both the 6 analog cables connected (actually 5 since I'm not using a sub), and the TOSLINK (digital optical cable) conected. That should work for you, however, I don't do this. I just use the analog connections for everything and let the 563a decode every type of disc - CD, DTS, Dolby surround, DVD-A, SACD, get the picture.


Yep this is possible and exactly what I have. When I put a movie everything goes out through the optical out. If using SACDs for example, it sends the audio through the analog outputs to the receiver.

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Yes it is in the setup menu. :-)

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I have a Sony 840 watt theater system, which came with a DVD player. Everything is basically running through the system. The questions are:

1.) Do I have to hook up the RCA cables to my home theater if I have the component cables (red/yellow/blue) hooked up?
2.) If I disconnect the RCA's will I still be able to hear the sound from my DVD player when I shut off the Home Theater system?
3.) Do I need to hook up the component connects if I have the Coaxial & the Digital line hooked up?
4.) Right now, I have the components hooked up only from my TV to the DVD player. Do I really need to run the component hook ups through my Home Theater system?

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Basic Home Theater (HT) scheme is:
- Video cable from DVD to TV
- Digital audio cable from DVD to HT
Then you can add:
- Analogue audio from DVD to TV, if you'd like to sometimes not use HT.
- Analogue audio from TV to HT, if you want to listen to broadcastings this way.

Video can be passed through HT for switching purposes, if you have multiple sources (sat box etc.). Otherwise I wouldnt do it, but just using best connection available from DVD to TV. Available are (from best to worst):
1) Digital interface
2) Component
3) RGB
4) S-Video
5) Composite (this is the yellow plug you mention)

Hope this helps
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