Front now, surrounds later???


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i'm a second year teacher and have been dreaming about my def-tech surround system for some time now. i never seem to have the money though. always something else to pay for.

anyway, as this situation reflects, are there big problems with getting your from three mains and a receiver and getting the surrounds later when money allows(compatability with newer models etc.)?

thanks in advance.

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any way you can get your stereo do it... my stereo ws bought literally piece by piece, I had a sub and dvd player before I had a receiver, then I bought surrounds, then a receiver, then towers, thena center, upgraded everything, bouht a rear center and now all I need is some good speaker wire, it doesn't really matter what order you get your stuff in, it's allways nice to get it all at once, but that isn't allways an option, I would have to say, get the stuff that is the best deal first, and eventually you will have everything that you need

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I am a music teacher myself - you can get pretty good sound without spending a lot if you know what to get. I would shy a way from a surround system, and stick with a conventional stereo setup (2 speakers).

This is tried and true technology, that had time to be tweaked right, while surround technology is not settled yet. They don't sound good for music anyway.

Do we reaaly need 6 speakers for movies? I am happy with 2 + a sub. These are my economical sonic solutions.

1) MU90&ic=MAR+MR2020&tpc=

I would add a sony sub - sa-wm 200 or the 500 ( and for $400, you can have pretty good sound.

2) Buy old marantz receivers like model 2230 or higher model like 2245,2270 (really good) from ebay - make sure all is working. ($70 - $200 for a more powerful model)

And a NAD Cd player from ebay. ($70)

Model 6 speaker from here ($89)-

You can get all that for $250 or more (if you go with a more powerful receiver)

These 2 systems will sound good enough to give you music enjoyment at home. You can then upgrade later - but you will be surprised how good they will sound.

The second system sounds better actually - but it's used. Either way, you can enjoy music now with these systems.

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if your dream system involves the Def Techs, you will not be happy with anything else. Piece by piece or pairs at a time, do whatever is more economically convenient for you. You'll end up spending more money by buying a cheaper system while waiting to buy the whole dream system that you want. I know what you mean about those something else to pay for...never ends, does it?

I would get the speaker system first and wait on the receiver until then. I take it, you have an older receiver, these won't have any compatibility issues, heck you can drive the Def techs with antique amps if you have them.

You shouldn't have any compatibility problems unless there is a drastic change in receiver technology that actually requires specialized speakers.

Get the Def Techs that you want, you'll be happier, and there will be no time spent thinking and mulling about what you "really" want.

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