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I just bought YAMAHA RX-V1500 reciever. For speakers , I have fianlised to "Paradigm" and budget is $2K. Right now I am panning to buy Monitor 5 Series, Center CC-370, Sub PDR12, and surround ADP-370. Any advise? or recommedation on speakers ? Thanks

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For 2k in the US the Mordaunt Short 500 Series THX are a possibility...They are not usually that cheap, but they are blowing out all of the Cherry versions as it's being replaced with I like cherry!

Fantasticly dynamic, efficient speakers that are easy to drive to high levels. And they can get loud as heck and keep it together. they tend towards warm/laidback by just a hair....a decent match for a Yam

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BTW they are very VERY well voiced for Stereo....impressive considering it's Theatre focus. I was listening to them on a Denon 3805 and a Holly Cole CD....excellent sound stage, fantastic detail and smooth....they are fast but they don't get ahead of them selves nor leave the side firing sub in the dust.

For home theatre they are unreal. It's fair to say that there is little to compete with these speakers at that price range....let alone full retail.

The best part, almost no one has heard of them....or tell a sales man at future shop what you have and he just scratches his head and pretends he has heard about them "at least he is pretty sure"

I have had more people ask me about these speakers and where they can get them than with all of my previous systems combined in the last 10 years....

BTW I never thought I would like a Denon with these...but so far I am very impressed.

Hope this helps....(even though I am sure it doesn't) but they are worth a look. As you can imagine opinions and likes and dislikes are as individual as your finger always listen for yourself. But I will say, from extensive personal experience that these are bang for the buck and they look like a million bucks to boot. No question though I have heard better....but it costs a few thousand more....on my system to my ears they fantastic....and that's what it really comes down too.
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