My right speaker "Buzzes" from vibration


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I'm very upset! I love the sound from my Athena AS B2s and H/k. I've had the setup for about 2 months. When I turn it somewhat loud I often heard distortion. I thought it was clipping but everyone on the forum told me that the setup should be able to get much louder than I was playing it.

I really listened yesterday and discovered that the sound is actually coming from inside my right speaker. Certain lower frequencies seem to set something vibrating harshly inside the speaker. Its consistent- for example it happens on the second bass note on one of my discs everytime. Using the balance control, i find that it only happens to the right speaker. Dampening it with my hands do not help it.

Does this mean I have to buy another speaker? Can you even get a single AS B2? I'm bummed because otherwise these produce such a wonderful tone.

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If you've only had them 2 months return them to the store you purchased them from and demand a new one.

Sounds like they have a defect of some sort, there's no way they should be "buzzing".

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...looks like I missed my window of opportunity to return it. I bought it from an online dealer that offers a 30 day return policy. It looks like i'll be looking for a single AS-B2 speaker somewhere.

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No, call Athena and claim your 5 year warranty. They have manufacturer's warranty, don't forget. Now is the time to gauge their customer service.

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Alternatively just do a quick check. Take the grille off and use a screwdriver to check that the drive units are firmly in place. Don't use a lot of strength, just make sure the screws are nipped in place. This could easily be your problem. If it is the problem, check the other speaker too!

Also, are the speakers ported and do you have kids? I can't tell if the speakers are ported from the documentation and website. If they are, then take the speaker off the stand and see if something is rolling around in there. It wouldn't be the first time that a youngster has decided to hide the Lone Ranger/treasured marble/etc in your speaker port...

If neither of the above shed light, call Athena and ask them for help.

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