Father of four finally gets to update system! Need help!


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My current Adcom pre-amp is 10 years old and dying a slow death. My Adcom 545 works great but is old. Altec Lansing speakers are huge and sound Ok, but my wife hates them. I have secured some funding (I have four kids I need to put through college) which should not exceed $2,200.00 if at all possible. One day I'll get my dream system and listening room, but I'll take what I can get today. ;-)

I would really like a system that will provide the following (listed in order of importance):

1) Excellent music/audio reproduction (jazz, classicial, rock)
2) Support surround-sound in 22'x18' room with hardwood floors, ceiling (yes, bright indeed) and be scaleable (maybe start with two mains, two rears and a sub for now). 5.1 or 7.1?
3) Something my wife can listen to when I'm at work and not destroy in the process (turning on and off, ease of use).

I really love the sound of the Monitor Audio Silver-S6 or S8's. I was looking at the Yamaha HTR5790 receiver, but heard Yamaha and MA isn't a good mix. Can someone please help me make sense of it all?

I would really appreciate your feedback!

-David 'Earski'

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I have never heard one but according to alot of people here the NAD recievers are one of the best sounding recievers for music that you can get. The NAD recievers also (supposidly) reasonably priced. So that could be your best option.

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Marantz makes some great receivers for great prices, definitely worth checking out, and are a great pair with the Monitors, and are very musical.

Check around for some good deals. Normally I wouldn't recommend Circuit City or Best Buy for audio equipment, but they host some great in store deals on a few good items, might be worth checking out. The one close to me carries the Harman Kardon AVR230-630(Closing out), as well as Athena Audition and Polk Rti speakers. All are good products, but the Yamaha line they carry is terrible, I would recommend the new 1500/2500 models from Yamaha, or if you must any of the previous Rx-V models aren't bad receivers. If you could incorporate the Rti12s from Polk into the system they would be excellent for 2 channel music listening, especially bi-wired with the Adcom amp.

Another option worth considering would be Ascend Acoustics, which is an on-line mail order company with some great prices. Check out this 5.1 speaker package, including an Hsu STF-2 subwoofer.

"Description: CMT-340 front pr + CMT-340 center + CBM-170 surround pr + STF-2 sub
-----------------> On Sale Now For Only $1,368.00"

The Ascends are laid back, would do well with the Yamaha receiver line, but the Yamahas are known more for good home theatre sound and not music, not sure how the new ones stack up musically. The NAD receivers would be a great match with the Ascends but may exceed your price point.


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If you decide om the MA's, and I urge you to do so as I love mine I recommend either Marantz or Pioneer Elite. I have a Elite 45 with a MA Silver system and it's nothing short of outstanding. The Elite's really excel in two channel music reproduction so they should be just what you are looking for. For a good mail order dealer and to get an idea on pricing look at dynaco.com. There a many others as well. In the Marantz line the new SR7500 should do nicely as well. The H/K 's are also very good so look at the 630 or new 635 when it comes out. IMO for the money in a midpriced system it's hard to beat the Elite/MA combination.

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Add another vote for the NAD T753 or 763, with cash left over for any speakers you want. It'll be well under your budget umbrella, even after good interconnects. (if needed)

I'll make this really simple; my prospective fiance can't operate crap (anything electronic) without mussing up the settings, or being confused and needing help.

With the proper pre-setup by me, (disable unused inputs, rename the inputs accordingly, pre-program the remote to be truly universal, etc) she understood the NAD the first time I showed her, and can wield the HTR remote like a pro.

It's that straightforward, and has the best musicality for it's price range out there as most would argue.

I got the sound I wanted, and she was able to happily digest the idea of me spending alot less money than I said I 'might' have to, if I went to seperates to get the quality I wanted.

Seriously look into it; if you have any nitty gritty questions, we can definitely fill in the pieces for you.



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Thanks to all of you for your feedback! It is greatly appreciated. Happy Holiday's!

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Ok, I went and listened to the Pioneer Elite 45 and MA Silver S6 and love it. The only problem is my listening area (livingroom) is all wood and I know it's going to be bright compared to the store listening room.

Again, my main focus is audio quality first, and surround sound/video second. I'm looking seriously at the following but would like to request your feedback as to whether or not I need a sub and center immediately. I've never setup a surround sound system, so your feedback is appreciated.

Elite VSX-45TX
MA Silver S6 (front)
MA Silver S1 (rear)

Is the center or sub a must right now? Does the S6 do an Ok job on the low end? Due to my wood floors, it doesn't take much to make the room vibrate.

What type of cable and interconnects do you recommend (currently have old Monster interconnects). And lastly, is there any point in keeping my Adcom 545 AMP and bi-wiring? Is anything gained by doing this?



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One thing to know is that the MA's will smooth out considerably after breakin and lose the brightness you are hearing now. I also have wood floors and a much smaller room than you do and I use the MA Silver 2 for mains because I was worried about a floorstander on the wood and I like the imaging of a bookshelf model on stands. The S2 would be an option for you also. I think the center is a must as it's the most important speaker in the system. The Silver center is a truely great center and worth every penny it costs. The Elite 45 is the receiver I own and is two model lines old so I'm curious as to how you are able to get one. Is it a old demo or what? It's a really good receiver and if you can get it at a low price then go for it but if not look at the newer models.
Wire and interconnects can be a rather contoversial subject so I will stay out of the wire question except to say I spent 6.5 hours redoing my wiring with Sound King 14 gauge and it sounded horribly bright and just plain bad so I would stay away from that. I went back to my old Monster Standard and it smoothed my system back to where I want it. I'm not changing again.
I like the Phoenix Gold 500 series interconnects and cables at Crutchfield. Very nice for not alot of money. I know some get carried away on this stuff but I am not one who thinks spending 15% or so is necessary.
You are on the right track with the Elite/MA combo and I'd like to hear how you progress through this and the choices you end up making.

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Uhg. Sorry, made a mistake. It's the Elite 54TX. Is this model Ok and comparable to the 45?

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The 54 is a very good receiver and will match the MA Silvers perfectly.

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Thanks elitefan! I do appreciate your feedback!
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