Spent $6000 on my audio system - need help setting up.


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Please help / tell me what to set my crossovers at on my receiver. Thanks in advance

I have the Harman Kardon AVR 7300 and Polk RTi10 fronts with the CSi3 center speaker. I also have the PSW404 (10") subwoofer and FXi3 surrounds.

I currently have the fronts set as "large" and all other speakers set as "small".

I have the front crossovers set at 100 mhz and the other speakers at 80 mhz. The sub is running through the LFE line and on my receiver the sub is set as LFE + L/R (not sure what this means but it sounds pretty good).

I appreciate your help

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in need indeed...

I'm fairly sure that others will disagree strongy with my recommendations, but here they are for what they're worth.

All the speakers should be set to Large! The Centre has a response down to 50hz and the rears have a respnse down to 60hz. Therefore, they have a pretty much full range performance envelope and should be set to large. The crossover may be set to 80hz in the processor.

However, the front speakers are capable of bass in the 25hz region, so you would get better integration if you actually set it down more like 50hz. Then play with the crossover in the sub starting at around 45hz and getting it close in terms of volume. Then mess a bit with the crossover in the sub after playing a film or two until you get your preferred blend of sonic values. Some people prefer more bass than others after all.

The LFE+L/R means that the bass signal is going to both fronts and sub. This isn't exactly right from a purist point of view since the really bass signals should be put through the sub, partly because it doesn't push the surround amp as much since the sub has its own amp (and bass frequencies need power). Try it both ways with LFE on its own and LFE+L/R to see which you prefer. Incidentally, the only reason you're getting any bass out of the fronts is because you have LFE+L/R switched on. Otherwise you'd get nothing below 100hz out of the fronts since that's what you've set them to. (That's what the crossover value means.) However, since you've switched bass to go to both fronts and sub, the fronts are getting the bass signal. I imagine, the overall effect is pretty big in the bass, possibly too big so it doesn't have quite as much speed, although it'll have a lot of weight. My method would give more speed and impact but a drier presentation. Try it and see which you prefer.


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I agree with Frank. Also with the HKs bass management you can still adjust the crossover for the fronts with them set to large. I have mine set to large with the x-over at 40Hz, I find the bass from the towers is more accurate than with the PSW404 (which I own as well)

Your purchases are great, but for a little more you will get a lot more. Upgrading the Rti10s to the 12s is a big jump in sound quality, especially for music. Since the major problem with the 12s is underpowering them, your 7300 will do excellently without even bi-wiring. Also given the power of the amp I'd recommend the Csi5/Fxi5 combo over the 3s. Finally, while the PSW404 is a good sub it doesn't compare to the accuracy and power of HSU or SVS, if you paid more than $300 I'd consider upgrading.

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thanks - some follow up questions:

if the sub is set at LFE L/R, does it matter what the x-over is set on the Fronts? if I understand this correctly, the LFE L/R setting on the sub means botht the fronts and the sub will produce the bass sounds regardless of the x-over setting.

i'll try to set the sub at LFE only and set the Fronts at 50hz. am i correct to assume then that this will probably produce much less bass all around (very little from the fronts) and mostly all from the sub?

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