Paradigm Mini Monitor's as surround speakers?


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I'm about to upgrade my speakers at home, and after extensive research I have decided to go with a set of Paradigm Monitor series speakers.

Now, I found a local shop that carries Paradigm, and the gentleman that I spoke to seems to feel that using Mini Monitors as surround speakers would be a better choice than using the recommended ADP-370's for the surrounds.

Should I expect a huge difference in sound quality if I go with the Mini's compared to the 370's, or should I stick with the 370's because they are in fact what Paradigm recommends to use as surround speakers.

TIA for helping out a home audio noob.


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Actually it depends more on how you like the set up. Listen to them and decide which ones you like better.

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I would have to agree with berny, it is personal choice. The minis would save you some money to buy dvds and cds with! If you listen to alot of 5 channel music, then you might prefer the direct radiating minis, but if it is mostly for movies, the 370 are a more diffused sound and tougher to identify where the speaker actually is located. Best of luck

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Thanks for the input guys!

The reason I'm considering going with (not to sound oxymoronic),
the larger Minis as surrounds is because
I just moved into a significantly larger condo with 13"
high ceilings, and my current "home theater in a
box" setup (Harman Kardon HKTS 12) doesn't really
cut it anymore. Sure, it still sounds ok watching movies
in DTS or DD mode, but music reproduction SUCKS.

Me and my girlfriend throw quite a lot of parties, and
I figured if I'm gonna drop a bunch of cash on a speaker
system, I'd like the surrounds to be a little more versatile
and not just be a great sounding 5.1 cinema system,
but also be able to spread the bass around a little better.

Not to say the ADP-350's wouldn't be adequate, but I would assume
the Minis being slightly larger that they might be better in a party setting.

Until I have a chance to actually hear them, are there any other

BTW my receiver is a Harman Kardon AVR 225, should my type of receiver
play a role in making this decision.

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not sure why you keep saying the larger mini's over the 370s? The 370's are actually 2 minis in 1. the mini's have 1 tweeter and one 6.5" driver, while the 370's have 2 tweeters and 2 6.5" drivers in each.

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See if your local dealer will let you do an in home demo of both. I,m also building a new system using monitor 11s up front and was connsidering doing the same out back. My local dealer recomended the ADP-170s because he did not feal the 370s were worth the extra $250.
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