H/K AVR635 or DPR 1105 (1005) ? Future shop sold defect 430 and wants to replace with...


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Hello everyone. I bought the Polk audio Rti10 with Rti6 and the Csi5 center. To go with these speakers, I had bought the HK AVR 430 but it is defective. Future Shop has offered to replace with either the AVR635 or the DPR 1105. What's your advice ?
Thanks for your help

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I am biased to h/k, but still the offer of the 635 looks pretty good. What Future shop do you shop at, and how di I get that offer? hehe

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Future Shop at Trois-Rivieres (Three-Rivers)
And I do not know much about the DPR (digital). They say that it is better thant the 635 but they can say much more because they have never had any in stock before today... Which to choose ?

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It's the Future Shop at Trois-Rivieres, Quebec. They are offering the DPR (digital) 1105 but they do not know how it reaaly works and what are the advantages...

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ok i have heard all the HK's on offer as i work at one futureshop location.and i even owned thier avr120 125 135 520 and dpr 1001 and now the new 1005. i think that is whay u are referring to here the difference between the DpR and AVr series it u r going in totally different directions now in DPR music or movies is like clear water flowing in a stream and it is light airy and detailed but u do not get the feel of brute force in avr series u tend to think of power like how loud u can go boomy sound explosions etc and more settings for movies and the dpr are so light and never hot up avr are huge and cooking. Some say DPr is in infancy and will take some time to come up as avr has been arround and has been perfected so take UR pick thanks

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Get the 635, no question.
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