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I sold a pair of Sonus Faber Cermona Auditors a week back. Shipped them via UPS ground. Upon arrival the buyer sent an email saying they arrived in good condition and sounded great. Then a few hours later sends an email saying they mid/bass unit in one of the speakers was not working. I don't think he is lying and just did not notice at first. Is it possible that the speaker was damaged internally during shipping? What would have been damaged? The crossover or mid/bass speaker connections are the only things I can think of. I have already returned the guys money and am awaiting the speakers return. I did insure them for $3k but the person who inspected them did not find undue damage to the shipping cartons. They are labeled all over with warnings to use care "delicate musical instruments inside". Anyone have an experience like this? Has anyone had a claim with UPS on something like this and gotten re-imbursed? I am thinking I am getting back damaged speakers that I will have to repair and I am out the shipping costs. First dang time I ever sold anything over the net too! -Rick

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Hi Rick.
Your package should have had a 'shock indicator' on it.
A little vial that changes from red to blue when subjected to a certain jarring force. If this was tripped, the receiver or driver should have checked and made note of that. If you follow up on the shipping web site, there should be a notation of it there, unless the file has already been archived. You should also be able to find it there.

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Interesting, I have not heard of this and did not see it on the UPS site. I am hoping to hear from them soon. They did come to the recepients home and visually inspected everything and even made him hook them up so they could verify that the mid/bass speaker was not playing. I will go look again at the UPS site... thanx! -Rick

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Curious, he said they arrived in good condition and sounded great and a few hours later said the mid/bass unit was not playing.

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Yes... I know I was kinda suspicious but I had talked to him quite a bit and I think he is an honest guy. Has quite a bit of good hifi stuff and still wants me to come meet him and his family when he goes to France again. Had a good discussion about Langedoc region of France etc... seemed to be on the up and up. But who the heck knows now days... Anyways I sent his money back and am waiting on my speakers to return. -Rick
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