Just what is a mono block amplifier?


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What makes a mono block amp different from a stereo amp, and how would you use one in a set up? thanks

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A stereo amp consists of two mono amplifiers on one chasis. A monoblock just separates the two channels into separate (mono) systems. The advantage is less cross talk between channels. The disadvantage is cost.


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The other advantages are that the typical monoblock that is a mono version of the same stereo amp has a much more highly rated power supply. This doesn't necessarily give much greater power but usually it invests monoblock versions with a great deal more grunt. The power supply is the most important part of the power amp - it's what serves the juice to be able to drive the speakers, so when your reservoir is twice as big, you can effectively go a lot longer at the same level, or supply bigger bursts of power.

The only disadvantage I can think of apart from cost is the earthing arrangement. A stereo power amp has both channels tied to the same earth point. Monoblocks don't have this since they're separate. A difference in earth potential can make the amps sound slightly difference and can even introducec mains-borne noise. Therefore, it's usually recommended that the monoblocks are plugged in as close to each other as possible. If using a 4-way block, then they should be plugged in next to each other for example.


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Thanks for the information, I'm just trying to understand audio equipment better. Thanks to this board maybe I will.

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hi. just an addition to the whole monoblock thing. i'm unsure of the relative benefits of monoblocking and bi-amping (hf/lf). i wondered if anyone could help me to decide which way i should split my signal for better playback. should it be by right and left channels or by hi and lo frequency. cheers, matt

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Matt, it really does depend on your speaker config. If you have bi pole speakers, you can run hi/lo config, but you should keep in mind the response times of the combination. I tried several combos, and found I couldnt match the speeds of the amps(adcom high, h/k low). I did however have good luck with l/r combo from outlaw(loaner). If your pre/pro is in tune, I found best luck and rewards, with mono blocks(close together/un bonded) happy times.
Let us know


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help please , i have rf 300s and i want to run 1 dvc mtx 1o inch .How can i drop it dow to 1 ohm stable

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help please , i have rf 300s amp and i want to run 1 dvc mtx 1o inch sub .How can i drop it dow to 1 ohm stable

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help plse,i have a 300s amp, 1,10 inch dvc sub and i want to drop it down to 1 ohm or can't it

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How would i wire a 2 channel mono block amp to 2 alpine type r dual voice coil subs? If you could e-mail me with a simple paint drawing or just try to explain it to me here. Thanks!!
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