Polk Audio RM6700 Sub/Sat Home Theater Speaker System Review


Brian Mitchell
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Crutchfield.com is an authorized online dealer, and has the Polk RM6700 on sale for $899 until Jan 5, 2003. This promotion also includes FREE Sanus Speaker Stands, and a FREE Polk PSW202 subwoofer. Click here to order from Crutchfield!

Thank you very much for the many positive comments in your review of the Polk Audio RM6700 system. I'd like to point out just a few things for the record.

First, I notice that you placed the subwoofer in the corner of the room. In my experience, vented subwoofers tend to exhibit a one-note quality with corner placement. Yes, you'll get more sheer output from any woofer when placed in the corner, but in the case of vented woofers (ported and passive radiator types) at the sacrifice of bass quality. That may help to explain your comment about the "radiating hum" character of the bass. I generally find that vented woofers give better overall performance when placed near a rear wall but at least a few feet from the corner.

Ecoustics readers who are curious about subwoofer positioning and adjustment issues can go to the following URL to read an enlightening article on those topics co-authored by Robert Harley, Richard Hardesty and me. http://www.polkaudio.com/home/faqad/advice.php?category=7&article=subsetup

I'd also like to point out that the satellites and subwoofer of the RM6700 system are packaged and sold separately, giving consumers the opportunity to upgrade to a larger subwoofer should they feel the need for more bass output. The sub tested in the review is the model PSW303, an 8-inch design. We also offer the PSW404 a 10-inch design with a 200 Watt amplifier that would add $120 to the price of the system. Listeners with larger rooms or those who want more impact for action/adventure films, might want to make the step-up. That being said, I think the PSW303 is a great sounding sub for the price and size. I agree with you that you may have been a little spoiled by recently having three larger, more expensive ($549 - $849) subwoofers in your room. Had you had the opportunity to directly compare the Polk system and sub to directly comparable products, I have every confidence that you would have found the Polk sub to be competitive if not superior.

Again, thank you very much for the review opportunity, your positive comments about the performance of the system and for your professionalism.

Paul DiComo
Polk Audio

I would like to know the price of Polk Audio 6700
Home Theatre Speaker System!

have a harman kardon avr525 70wt/7ch receiver. looking for some great speakers(pref. sats)does anyone know how good these two pair up? please let me know. urging to buy some for my rcvr.


I also just got the AVR525 (luv it), can you email me offline so I can get your reviews/suggestions/frustrations with the HK.

I have a Boston Acoustics Micro8000 5.1 seaker system running off the HK and PolkRTi38's up front, providing 7.1. Sounds GREAT!


waiting for my polks, but will let you know how it turns out.

I bought my Polk RM 6700 for $649 (Front, Sats, and 303 Sub) at ABC Warehouse.

what speaker set would you recommend over the Polk RM6700? I have been looking at the Klipsch Synergy 6 also...any opinions on that system??

I would strongly recommend the M&K (Miller & Kreissel) K-series.

The three K-7s across the front and either K-5 sats or the dipole K-4s as surrounds (K-4s are more pricey though).

The K-7s are $250/ea, the K5s are $150/ea, and then a sub of your choice. Polks are fine, and for $650 that system is pretty good, but you're eaking into professional-land with the M&K.

If you can find a dealer...you really owe it to yourself to listen to some M&Ks. I thought my new RTi38s (back to the dealer) sounded nice until I installed the K-7s this weekend...OH-MY-GAWD!

www.mksound.com (no affil)


J. Arnold
Just bought the HK AVR525, and the Polk 6700's with a PSW404 Sub - While it sounds great so far, I want to be sure I am optimizing the sound - The HK allows for crossover settings for fronts, surrounds, and the sub, yet looking at the manual for the Polk's, I do not see the Hz crossover figures stated - any idea what to set the HK settings to? - The default is 100Hz's.

Thanks for any help - ps - I have wired the speakers via Polk's reccomendation, thus turning off the sub at the receiver, running the fronts to sub, then from sub to front speaker inputs on HK.

If you are wiring your sub using the high level inputs then you are not using the x-over for the fronts, only for the rears and center so the 100 Hz setting is fine.

For anyone considering alternatives Stereophile Guide To Home Theater rates the Energy Take5.2 + S8.2 Sub the best system for the money at $900 including sub or $1100 including bigger sub.

Hey guys! I'm new to home audio. I found the RM6700s at CircuitCity. They sound very good to me! I'm looking at marrying them with a Denon AVR683 5.1 80 wt/chl and a Velodyne vlf-810 125 wt rms. I currently have fairly nice JVC DVD player and a 60" 4/3 rear projection Zenith.

I was just wondering if any of you had any insight on whether this would be a good setup or not.

Danny :-)

I just bought the Polk 6700's with a PSW404 Sub. The sub hums when the system is off. Is it supposed to do that?

Also, I paid $600 for the 6700's, and $330 for the sub. Does that sound like a reasonable price?


My Friend just bought the Polk 6700's with the PSW 303 Sub for $599 at Fry's in California. Sub is free in the sale. So it sounds like he got a good deal for the money. Thanks

Like several others newly annointed to the home theater craze, I am in search of creating the best possible system within my price range. I recently purchased a 46" Sony for my 20x16 room. I am looking to spend roughly $1500 for the speakers, receiver and DVD player. From what I have read, HTIBs are not the way to go. For the receiver, I am leaning towards the Yamaha 5660 ($350 at etronics). As for the speakers, I am overwhelmed with choices and need help. I was leaning towards the Polk RM6700 until reading a less than glowing review when it comes to watching action movies - the purpose of my home theater system. Please advise me as to which speakers and DVD player, for roughly $1100 would work best in a 16x20 room for an intense movie-going experience. The size of the speaker does not bother me (I am not someone who needs large, flashy speakers or tiny, out-of-sight speakers). Lastly, I have not yet bought the Yamaha receiver. If anyone knows of a better one for roughly the same price, please let me know. Thank you.

I think you are on the right track with a Yamaha receiver. For a speaker system I would get 5 to 7 matching bookshelf speakers from Athena Technologies (AS-B1 or AS-B2). For the sub, go with the SVS 25-31PCi for $549. This sub will make a huge difference! Also the Sony DVPNS725P DVD Player is a worthy contender for $129 or less.

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Latest news!

I just got a great deal at Crutchfield. First let me explain my three most important contraints.
1.) Budget
2.) Sound
3.) My wifes approval on inconspicuacy (is that a real word? Did I spell it right?)

Anyway, I have always loved the way the RM6700 set sounded at CircuitCity. But the sound room is smaller than my living room and I was also concerned about having a whole in my tonal range.
I already own a Velodyne VLH 1012 I got a while back for around $400. It's just terriffic!!! Right now it is mated to a low end mini 60x60W AIWA system with artificial suround effects. They have "ok" base response at moderate volumes. I've been afraid of getting front and center speakers with not enough base to reach down and touch that Magnificent VLH! So I decide to look at floor standing fronts and a normal sized center. However, under the budget factor the floor standing speakers are kinda pushing the envelope even the cheap R30 and R50. But after reading the above posts, I decided to look more seriously at the bookshelf speakers. CircuitCity had a sale on R15s. So I went to listen. They were ok. The R20s were a little better and a lot more exspensive. BUT, the RTi28s ROCKED! That's when I new those babies were gonna be mine. The saleman told me those were the last pair and that they were not getting anymore. So I bought them for $225 including the 10 year warrenty. Then I started looking around and found a set of new ones at J&R Music for around $175 including delivery. So I took the RTis back to CC and did some more investigating online. I discovered that Crutchfield had a Polk Audio sale going on which when I added the center CSi30, three RM2350s (these are the sats for the RM6700), and a pair of RTi28s, I got a $200 discount. That's right a pair of RTi28s for NOTHIN'!!! 8-) Total cost of all the Polks came to $509! They are suppose to arive today!!! 8-D
Now I wil just need some sat mounts, bookshelf stands, cables and a nice reciever. Currently, I am looking at the Denon AVR-1604. I'm thinking that will suit my needs.

Please let me know if you guys have any advise or see something I'm missing.

Danno :-)

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Did you buy the Denon 1604 ? I too am considering it and would like your feedback incase you have bought it.

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I did! :-)

I like it! But I don't have a whole lot of experience with receivers. This is my first Hi-Fi AVR. It works very nicely with my setup. It has plenty of power. I keep the display db between -15 and 0 depending on what I'm using it for. At 0 the whole house shakes. 'Course this has a lot to do with the sub. But I am very conservative with my sub. I don't like it too boomy. The Denon is also very quiet even when turned way up.

What are you comparing it to?

I got mine for a heck of a deal. Tweeters.com had it mispriced at $299 (sug. retail $399). So I printed out the price and went down to the local Tweeters in Huntsville AL. They called the head quarters I guess to find out if my print out was legit. And so they had to honor the miss priced advertisement. I noticed about a day or two later, the web price had gone back up to $399.

Anyway, I recomend this AVR. I think it's pretty good! :-D
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