I will make my HK avr 430 to process HDCD signals



As it is known to everyone concerned, Harman Kardon avr 430 differs from avr 630 little and when the ability of the both to process the sound signal is in question the only difference is that avr 630 can process HDCD signals. HK decided to hamper avr 430 purposefully decided to hamper avr 430 to make avr 630 more interesting as the price differential between them is quite substantial and there are few differences. The hardware processing the sound signals is exactly the same in both amplifiers, i.e. it is Cirrus Logic cs 494003 which needs only proper software to be able to process HDCD signals (informations gained both from press releases of Cirrus Logis and from service manual for avr 430/630). So as of now avr 430 is not capable of processing HDCD signals only because HK does not installed proper software for avr 430.

It needs not to be so any longer.

As it is known HK, being in principle quite a decent company, has released firmware update for both avr 430 and avr 630. This firmware installs, from scratch, DSP software for both avr 430 and avr 630. The version designated for avr 630 of the said software contains, among others, software which is needed for is Cirrus Logic cs 494003 to process HDCD sound signals. What is interesting this software can also be installed on avr 430 and, as I believe, after installation is completed, avr 430 will be able to process HDCD signals. The only thing that needs to be done to achieve this is to (i) download the firmware update in its version designated for avr 630 and, once the installation process is started and you are asked to enter the serial number of your amplifier, (ii) to enter serial number of any of avr630s (e.g. TF0007 04104).

My update process is now pending. When I finish, I will probably be the first guy to have avr 430 with capability of HDCD processing.

I will keep you updated.

Whish me luck.



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Did you ever get it to work?

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Can you confirm that everything works fine? What does the display says ehen playing HDCD?

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Can you confirm that everything works fine? What does the display says ehen playing HDCD?

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I checked the service manual. My opinion is: be careful, it won't work. Maybe the wrong update may even burn the unit. The DSP board is the same P/N, but the manual clearly shows several HDCD related components that are only present on the 630 unit DSP. Also, a jumper is installed on the 430 DSP version to bypass the missing components.

Hi guys,
Gosh, I thought that nobody was interested, or my rushed English was non-understandable (two first entries are mine).
Guys everything works perfect. The display of the receiver shows the 'HDCD' communicate when HDCD signal is being transferred digitally to the receiver. The s/n ratio of HDCD marked signals seems to be enhanced as compared to standard stereo signals from CD.
Now, I am using the avr after it has been upgraded to AVR 630 v.II software without any problem. It simply works. However, I need to worn that one functionality has been lost -- you cannot you 8 channel in after pressing twice corresponded button on remote (6 channel in works perfectly). This is because 630 has bas management for direct inputs and this clearly conflicts with architecture of avr 430 which lacks this functionality. I believe this problem can be solved out by installing operating system software for avr 430 and dsp software for avr 630 but I need not this functionality so I don't even try.

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Hey guys,
I've got a H/K AVR120 with 5 Infinity TSS750. I am very disappointed with the setup. I'm wondering if I should swap out the receiver or the speakers. I'm currently looking at buying a Yamaha 2400, but I don't want to take that step unless it will be a noticeable difference.
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