Quad 22L vs Quad 12L


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Hi everyone,

I've thinking about buying a Quad HT system and I am doubting between the following 2 options:

- 2 Quad 22L as front speakers + 2 Quad 11L as surrounds + Quad central speaker (I will initially not go ahead with the subw.)
- 2 Quad 12L as front speakers + 2 Quad 11L as surrounds + Quad central speaker + subw.

The room is around 280sqf and the actual listening area is around 140sqf. It has a rectangular shape.

I'm afraid the 22L may be a bit too big for the room and that maybe the 12L + subw is a better option. However, I always felt that with two front speakers such as the 22L I could avoid the subw. and also avoid potential problems with neighbours.

Can anyone give me some advice? I would also like to have your feedback regarding a good receiver/amp for que Quads.

Many thanks to everyone.

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Go for the Quad 12L, these are illustrious speakers with excellent transparency to boot, the 22L are good but don't stand out much compared to other floorstanders in its price range. On the contrary, the 12Ls and 11Ls are easily ahead of what you can get for the price.
Try the NAd C352(WHF Amp of the Year <GBP500)
Or if your wallet allows, Rotel RA-1062 = smashing performance albeit a little pricey.
Get the 12L and the new Quad sub(or a REL) to go along with the centre and a rear pair of 11L = Full Size Speaker Package of the Year for WHF (superceding the already fabulous AE Evo 3B package). BTW, the both the 11 and 12Ls are 5/5 performers whereas the 22L despite being good, only garnered 4/5 from one the the mag reviews.

The CDP to go along would be logically the NAD C542 or even better Marantz CD-7300(Hi Fi Choice favourite sub-GBP500)



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Many thanks! I'll keep your suggestions in mind.

Stefan Eriksson
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the L series has been constructed by the same engineer throughout and comes with the same sonic signature. That was an explicit goal with the series. Therefore, choose the set-up which goes most easily with your room.

Do not pay that much attention to stars in What Hifi - the 22L has had rave reviews in more discerning magazines.

As amp, I would suggest the new smash Primare which you can build towards higher and higher performance as funds allow.

Good luck!


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I don't mean to hi-jack the thread .

I can get a pair of 12L's for about $250-300USD off a friend. Would they be a worth while upgrade to what I already have? I haven't heard them. He is in Florida and I'm in Mass. Since he's told me about them I've been researching them and I'm wondering if the 22L's sound a lot better. He has a pair of 22L's that he has to move out of a room(because of his wife). He was going to replace the 12L's w/the 22L's but I might be able to sweet talk him into selling me the 22L's instead.

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