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I am a new user here from pakistan.
currently i am using an old jvc 160 Watts home sterio amplifier.
I was serching for "How to attach CAR AMP...PC"
I don't have any CAR nor a PowerAmp yet.I have decided to buy a second hand(good condition)POWERAMP ,I never look an amp before i go to the Car sterio sound system shop...I decide to buy a 1000 watts Poweramp...
1)What should be keep in mind ?(i would like to attach 2 12" subwoofers + speakers)[MAX BASS]
2)What is mean by RMS ?
3)deference b/w 2/3/4 channel AMPLIFIER.
4)How to get the Volume,BASS,Treble Control when using an amp ?
too many questions ....but i am new to car sterio...
Thanks in advance.

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Instead of 1000 watts, get a good quality one, and you will be more satisfied.

How much are you willing to spend?

Get a 2 channel amp to get quality.

You can shop at or and have it ship to you - ask before if the seller will.

To answer your question 4) you need a pre amp.

If you want a smaller amp with the pre amp built in, they are called integrated amp, or receiver (radio added).

To get good sound, you need good speakers as well.

Also upgrade the soundcard in your computer to m-audio audiophile 2496. You can get it in ebay for less than $100.

You can get quite good sound from computer, but you need all the good equipments - soundcard, pre amp, amp, speakers, and even good cables. has ixos cables that are good and affordable. Their gamma ones are good.

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Username: Ahmer

Hyderabad, Sindh Pakistan

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Thanks JAMES...
PowerAmp's are easily available here so i will buy
it soon...Before doing an experimental sound system for my Computer , I am trying to know all
about such a things which are related with "Attach powerAmp to PC"...

As we look arround the HOME STERI SOUND SYSTEMS
1)Every one rated them according to maximum WATTS they produce...

If we avoid some of them and making our own sound
system by Using a Car PowerAMP...

Can you tell my what is the main concept to produce a quality sound...don't go so deep just tell me about few things...

1)WATTS ? PowerAmp watts ,speakers watts,total sound system watts..
2) # of WOOFERS...??? RMS...???

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