Sony HTiB speaker upgrade possible?


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I bought the Sony DAVFR1 yesterday at Circuit City. This is my first system. Upon reading the manual, it says, 'do not use any speakers besides the ones provided?' Why would it say this?

I have a new townhouse and one of the options I requested was rear built-in wall speakers. I would really like to use these for the rear speakers. I don't remember the namebrand on these speakers but I'm sure, for rear speakers, they would be compatible with this system!

I contacted Sony via the web, and they said, once again, to only use their speakers. Is this just a marketing ploy to only use Sony stuff?

I just don't see the problem with using my own speakers. I need some advice!

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First, look at their speakers and see what they are rated in nominal ohms (like 8ohms, for example).

In theory, you should be able to use any reasonably efficiant speaker of the same ohm rating, within reason. (i.e, I would not hook up large tower speakers to this system.)

My panasonic mini-system that I have had for years said the same thing, not to use any speakers but theirs. After years of use, theirs had a problem with the foam surround on the woofer. I substituted an old pair of pioneer bookshelf speakers and it sounded fine (as fine as it ever did, probably a bit better) and as of yet have had no problem.

Good luck

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Sony loves their proprietary stuff, but there is nothing wrong with using your own speakers. They say that so that when something goes wrong with the equipment, they can blame it on the other guy so they don't have to honor the warranty.
However, you should be careful about the type of speakers you are using. A lot of Sony's not in the ES line will not tolerate speakers with a rating lower than 8 ohms. They go into protect mode and effectively destroys itself.
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