Who has tried the SR 7500 M.R.A.C. ??


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Hi there, well not to fuel the fire but I am on my 3rd NAD T763 and I told the dealer I am brining it back since this one is displaying a similar problem to the other 2....he's a fantastic guy to deal with so it's sort of sad, but I am not ready for #4....3 is enough I would say

The only other amp in the running is the Marantz 7500. It's a great unit, and even costs less. I have seen one in the show room, but have not demoed it yet. I know that a number of companies have a similar feature to the(Marantz Room Acoustic Calibration system)and some work better than others. I am dying to know if this is one of the better ones....on par with say Yamaha's version.....

Anyhow I do believe I can with a little time do a better job of set up than the MRAC but since I don't have an SPL meter available I might avail myself of this option.....it seems handy..I am just curious if it's a tack on or if it's really thought out.

Also if anyone has any links to any reviews of the SR7500 that would be welcome.....or even if it's reviewed in a currend edition of a magazine.

Thanks alot

biff henderson
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I just got a 7500 and the auto setup seems pretty accurate. I'm very pleased with this amp (and I had considered NAD as well)

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I think anyone with a good surround system should invest in a SPL meter. The analog meter at Radio Shack is the sort of "standard" meter that many people use, including the audio press and is very inexpensive. The inclusion of auto setup functions is a nice feature but nothing can take the place of a meter for total accuracy. I have yet to read a single review on any of these setups that was 100% correct, even on top of the line units.

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I totally agree....however barring the availability of an SPL the Auto Setup is a good "in the mean time option". I just wanted to see if it was a good unit or not. Like I said I think I could do a better job than any Auto setup, but plug and play in the short term is nice to have.

Biff I was curious if the 7500 will use the LFE if the front speakers are set to large on Stereo content. Elite fan you might know this too since you have your head into this stuff all the time :-)

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Please tell me someone has tried this feature.

There are no reviews of this unit anywhere....so at this point I am not interested in buying this with no outside reviews from a dealer that will not take returns but exchange only....so if I buy and don't like I am stuck with it.

Anyhow...if someone could actually offer me some feed back on MRAC as well as links to any reviews you may have found that would be excellent.

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I auditioned the 7500 at a dealer and had the chance to do an A/B comparison with the Rotel RSX 1056. The dealer had both receivers hooked up to floor standing Definitive Technology speakers; but I don't remember the model.

The SR 7500 sounded very nice. The sound was very warm and full, especially in the lower extension. I eventually chose the Rotel; but I would have been more than happy with the 7500 too. The Rotel was a bit more neutral sounding; but the difference wasn't earth shattering.

biff henderson
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No reviews yet on the 7500 that I know of. I've had mine 10 days and love it. MRAC seems to work very well although is somewhat touchy to ambient noise during setup.

You can use LFE and speakers by selecting "both" in the setup menu for the speakers. Mine are set to "large", crossed at 80 Hz, and I think my sub still seems to get signal playing stereo (mostly been using DTS:Neo6 for music so far)- I'll have to check to be sure.
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