Project 2 spindle static, help appreciated


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Hi, I just bough a project 2 turntable (not debut) and am recieving static when I touch the spindle or play records (as this, of course touches the spindle also)
Any ideas on what may be causing this would be greatly appreciated.

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does anyone know about the earth cable relevance? do I need an amplifier that accepts an earth cable?
COULD NOT HAVING THE EARTH CABLE CONNECTED cause a static all over my deck?
Also, anyone who could tell me what anti-skating means, what an anti-skating weight's purpose is, would be greatly appreciated.

Stop touching the spindle. There, problem solved.

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You're probably looking at it back to front Robert. If your turntable is well earthed the charge that you're feeling is probably static draining out of you to earth throught the turntable.

I suggest you take off whatever you're wearing on your feet and try it again.

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Thanks mike, I appreciate that. It turns out it was the earth causing the problem- I had'nt fitted it correctly- so I'm good now- Thanks.
As for anonmymous, I couldn't avoid touching the spindle with the record album (which also caused the static) so it was a problem, although caused by my own utter stupidity.
Thanks for the help.
Only thing I need to know now is what an 'anti-skating weight' is. One was included in my turntable, but I could'nt fit it. My brother says it's not neccessary to do so, but only for safety precautions if user does something stupid like drop the tone arm on the hard shell of the player rather than record (it is, I beleive to be fitted to the tone arm, around the weight area).

I've got to but speakers now speakers, Any recommendations would be appreciated. I like a good crunchy, half low fi, tin can sonics kind of buzz. Am not really into the whole bass of todays stuff and I think superior quality is not too good for me as I don't listen to much modern music, but obly 80's u.s. hardcore punk trash and, some other rock, westcoast keyboard/midi stuff that benefits from a bit of a low fi edge..
Should I just buy a cheapish pair for this? or are cheap pairs these days just god damn awful, unlike a good set of tin can's were in the 70's 80's.
Eitherway, thanks a lot.

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Sorry, but your brother's wrong. Anti-skate is required to stop the arm accelerating toward the centre of the record. If it's not set, you'll get uneven wear of both cartridge and records, and it won't sound right either.

Looks like the Project 2 uses a typical threaded weight to set the anti-skate. From the photograph I found on the net I think there is a little bar just behind the arm pillar. You can see this at The thread should slip onto that. So, as you're facing the arm from the front of the deck, take the looped end of the thread and feed it through the eye of the wire standing next to the arm from left to right. Then loop the thread over the little bar at the back of the arm pillar. You get least anti-skate force the closer to the arm pillar you go and you get more force the further away from the arm pillar you go.

Find a record with a long lead-out groove. Place it on the platter and start up the deck. Cue the arm and lower the stylus so it lands in between the widely spaced grooves in the lead-out area. If the arm accelerates to the centre of the recordand catches up the groove, then you need more anti-skate. If the arm pulls back to the edge of the record, then you need less anti-skate. Ideally, the arm should simply stay put until the groove behind it catches up.


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Thanks very much Frank. That's really kind of you to offer such clear instructions. I have spent the last half hour with them/the picture from other web page you provided, and the chimpanzee written manual and I have now had success due to your writing. Thankyou.
I know nothing about turntables, only getting a second hand one last year, and since buying a lot of my favorite albums. I then, just last week, had this project 2 ordered from UK to Ireland as I feared the old one may be damaging some of them (I'd saved a while and I thought I should invest in my first decent one).
Although I assembled the project 2 ok, I could'nt get this part.
It was a great experience, following your instructions, at first just getting the arm to move back to the end of the recorded material, until eventually getting it to wait for the catch up.
With your writing, I also managed to in-take a very small bit more of the inconcise manual than before, so that was priceless help.
Thanks very much.
I really appreciate it.

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Been hearing a lot of good things about Axiom and Ascend Audio bookshelf speakers--very musical, very accurate, but somewhat lacking in real bottom end. As is, either speaker (both priced around $325/pr) might deliver the sound you like. If you decide you want more bottom, you can add a subwoofer. For less than $200, you can get Paradigm Atom or NHT SB-1--the latter speaker might be more to your liking, again, because they have a somewhat attenuated bottom end, but are very smooth and accurate.

How do you like the Project turntable? I'm thinking of getting one, the Debut II, in the coming months.

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Sorry Jim, I have not been here since Frank sorted my problem (typical -my brother says of people on forums looking for help- they like to be helped but dissapear quickly)
Thanks for the info on speakers. I appreciate that.
I ended up getting a very cheap pair of JPW ml310's locally (I beleive they are an out of production speaker that were on the previous, (2001 say) line of speakers that are not availible anymore, except of course, in Ireland where they always seem to have out of date gear in the city shops, be it hi-fi or musical equipment when you look).
I considered it a temporary solution (they only cost 40 euro (although they were a display model), so I thought I could'nt go wrong)
They are not bad at all either- not that I've ever had more than a set of tin cans in the past so I can't say they are great but
Nice trebley, crunchy, low on the bass, yeh. so I'm happy enough for a while.
I will certainly keep what you have said in mind though as I plan an upgrade!

Now, as for the project 2- yes, it is very very good sounding.
I mean I think you can hear this thing without even the amp (pioneer spec 3) and speakers linked to an certain extent (as, before I got speakers I was there with my ear up to the internal noise etc, trying to get some love).
It's the 'soundstage' thing they talk about? (I thought it was going to be hype, knowing nothing about record players, tone arms, stylus etc but it seems to be making my records sound amazing, and totally different to before)
How would you explain it? It's like big clear rolls - where you, forget the music is on vinyl, it takes away any mechanicalness of a pin (would it be?)
Gives a smooth flowing, dropping noise.
As I said, even with your head up to the player with speakers powered off, you can hear this, so it must be the 'orofoton' head they say is fitted at where I bought it.
I got the project 2 over the debut 2 as I liked look a bit more and I guess, apart from that, on the project website, it said you are buying into a superior sounstage with it.
I bought the hype, although my brother told me not to do so, and get the debut.
However, the debut is clearly amazing from what I've heard from everyone on the net and I have a friend getting it v.soon, so hopefully I can find out- post back.
I've heard that it sounds leagues ahead of anything near it's price range, and so I'd say it would be a good buy, yeh.
All hi-fi magazines in UK seem to have been praising the debut since 2001 as by far the best for the cash.
Thanks again for your (relevant to my post)suggestions and I'll get back on if my friend gets that debut over some weed. He really should.

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I've bought a Project 3 Debut from Superfi On-line, but they can't be bothered to help. Over a week gone buy and no response to e-mail. Could anyone please help me to put this thing together, especially balancing the arm and attaching the skating weight. The instructions are just useless

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Hi Herbert,
I bought a project 2 from super-fi uk -to Ireland south (they also sucked in my experience just on that point- never reply to email- and i sent literally ten - weeks in advance and after)
I would recommend frank's above post (ALTHOUGH DEBUT 3 MAY BE CONSIDERABLY DIFFERENT TO PROJECT 2)- that saved the day for me. He offers far better instructions and they should have paid him to do the manual.
I did end up getting an offer of telephone assistance from henley designs uk after contacting the european project website (at this point frank had sorted it out - The guy there was a nice and helpful person though.
I'd recommend maybe emailing henley designs uk, or indeed telephoning them for clear assistance if you have no luck elsewhere or are still just a bit 'unsure'.
Good Luck with it.

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