To tube, or not to tube, that is the question?


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I'm looking at setting up a second system in my den after the holidays. I listen to jazz, blues, rock (mostly classic, no hard core/heavy metal), Americana/folk, classical... a wide variety. My budget is $2,500... including cables, stands, etc., if possible... though I could stretch another hundred to two if I had to.

I'm looking for a system that will give me detail, without getting cold and clinical... and although I love bass I'm more interested in tight, tuneful bass than slam and extension. I'm really looking for a system where voices will shine.

I've pretty much locked onto either the Soliloquy 5.0 ($1,500 with their stands, or around $1,200 with someone else's) or Epos M12.2 monitors (around $1,000 with stands). Both provide rich, glorious sound. What I really need to decide on is the integrated amp/CD combination.

I've yet to hear the Cambridge Audio Azur 640A/640C combo, it's not readily available here in my area. It's a five hour drive to the nearest dealer. I've listened to the Rotel RA-02/RCD-02 and RA-1062/RCD-1072 combos, but I found them to be a little too lean for my tastes. I think I've finally come down to two possibilities, and am looking for some feedback from anyone with experience with these products.

Option 1: NAD C352 / C542 -- around $900

Option 2: Marantz PM-7200 / AH! Njoe Tjoeb 4000 -- around $1,200

Unfortunately, I've only heard the Njoe Tjoeb 4000 once, and not in combination with the PM-7200.

Your thoughts?

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Consider the Dynaco ST 70 and the LS3/5A speakers. Check ebay for availability and prices.
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