Adding Integrated Amp (Rotel RA-1062)


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I currently have the following:

Denon AVR-1803
Denon DVD-2200
Paradigm Studio 60 v.3

I was considering upgrading to the Rotel RA-1062 integrated amp. If I wanted continued access to the DVD and SACD functions of the player (2-Channel only), as well as improved sound of the rotel, is it possible to use the Denon receiver as a pre-amp and the Rotel as the power amp, and still be able to use these functions?

Assume my budget is the Rotel's MSRP of $699. Is this a wise purchase?

J. Vigne
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On the surface of your suggestion, there is little to no reason to buy an integrated amplifier and then not use the pre amp that is included.


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In other words, are you suggesting bypassing the Denon receiver altogether for 2-channel audio applications (CD/SACD/phono)?

Could I set up these same components so I could use the Denon receiver (with or without the amp) for the Denon player's DVD applications?

I listen to audio 90-95% and DVD only 5%. I don't care about surround sound.

Is the Rotel a serious upgrade over the Denon receiver I currently have? I have been noticing a certain inability of my system to clearly articulate multiple instruments in the mid-range at higher volumes.

J. Vigne
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If you're loooking for more clarity and precision to the sound you would probably be better off spending your money for a simple power amp instead of an integrated amp which includes a pre amp that you don't intend to use.

But, in order to do that, you need to know whether your receiver has pre outs. If it does, you can run the audio outputs from your player to the 5.1 inputs of your pre amp/receiver and then out to your power amplifier.

If your receiver doesn't have pre out capacity, then you probably want to start an upgrade to separate components. An integrated would be a good choice in new equipment considering your budget. If you are willing to stretch a little you can probably find a good used system for about the amount of money you have to spend. You might want to look at the thread :

Take note of the potential problems you can encounter on the used market and set aside some money for a good check up when you get the unit.


ditton UK
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in principle this is a good idea, i f you want to improve music replay, but probably only worthwhile if you either buy a dedicated cd player or add a dac (digital to analogue converter), and you have an av receiver with pre-outs. I dont thinkthe denon avr1803 does. I first did this with a Denon avr2802 (which does have pre-outs) feeding into an integrated that also could be switched to poweramp mode. I was using the AudioLab 8000S.

for cd replay:
cdplayer->stereoamp in integrated mode -> front speakers

for dvd (5.1) replay to front speakers:
dvdplayer->avreceiver->(L/Rpre-outs)->stereoamp in poweramp mode -> front speakers

there are compromises but this results in best of both worlds.

ditton UK
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btw, the rotel 1062 would be a serious upgrade over the avr1803 for music, as would a dac or a dedicated cd player.
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