Need advice on a receiver for my existing speakers: "A" pair is 4 ohms and "B" pair is 8 ohms


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I was hoping to get a few opinions on my situation. I have 2 pairs of speakers that sound fine to me. First is a pair of Cerwin-Vega DX-9 floor speakers-- huge things that will part your hair if you stand too close-- 4 ohm impedence and rated for 400 watts.

Second pair is Bose 4.2 series II direct/reflecting bookshelf speakers--8 ohm impedence and rated 75 watts/ channel. These don't push great bass, but I believe I will get that from the C-Vs.

I want to set up a nice, mid-priced home theather - starting with these-- since I have them and like them. I was thinking of getting a receiver first.. TV next-- and eventually maybe replacing my speakers. Can I get some opinions on options-- Is it stupid to expect to run these speakers from the same receiver? What would you drive these things with? Which of the 2 should I keep if it comes to that? I don't think I need a powered subwoofer-- but would appreciate your thoughts on that, too. Thanks for any help you can give
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