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I have been reading through this forum for a litle while and have learn a lot from the experts about matching receivers and speakers.

I'm looking into buying a new A/V receiver and 3-ways floor-standing speakers. My priority is 70% 2-channel music (no-sub), 30% HT. I prefer slightly warmer sound than sligtly bright. I have a large room (18 x 28).

Here are my questions for the experts on this forum.

1) For my education, among the most popular A/V receiver brands, I would like to know which receiver would qualify as being sort of "neutral" (half-way between warm and bright, or not too warm, not too bright). Price range $400-600.

2) Same for the 3-way speakers. Which brand/model one would meet the following criterias. Price range $600-1000 for both.
- good soundstage, spacious
- good vocales (not too forward or recessed)
- not too thin or boomy, with solid base.
- good mid-range

I haven't really started to listen to any systems yet, but so far based on what I've heard on this forum, I'm attracted by the Pioneer Elite 5xTX series (because it's one of the warm system recommended in this forum with auto-setup capabilities) and Polk's RTi10 (seems to be a good match for the Elite, appears to have a good sound-stage based on what I've read here, and I love their look and real wood cherry finish).

3) Will the Elite and Polk RTi10 be a good match for my preferences and room size ? More on the warm side as opposed of the bright side, with solid base ?

Most popular/available receivers in my area are the Marantz, and Pioneer, Yamaha, Denon, HK,
and for the speakers the Paradigm's Monitor, Polk, Klipsch, PSB, Mission, JBL, Bose, Infinity.

Thanks !!

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In terms of neutral sound, I think that NAD is the most neutral sounding receiver that I have heard, they seem to match well with everything. I am not sure, but i think the NAD T743 is around 4-600. Might want to check into NAD quality though, as they have had some problems. I have the paradigm monitor series and think they are quite laid back and could use a more detailed receiver like yamaha or denon. They are a great speaker though. The Klipsch are bright, but very easy to drive to very loud volumes. If you are looking for a FUN speaker to crank up some rock on, then these might interest you. With the klipsch you will want to go with Pioneer elite, Harman Kardon, or marantz. Most people here would tell you to cross boss of without even listening to them, can get way more bang for your buck with the other brands. The JBL's seem to also be a bit revealing. Well that is my info for ya, maybe some others will put in some info on polk,psb and mission since i haven't heard them.
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