Tymphany Linear Array Transducer (LAT) Technology


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This is a NEW and promising technology to advance speaker design into the 21 century.


Quote: "In a dramatic departure from conventional cone loudspeakers that displace air across a single diaphragm, the patent-pending Tymphany LAT technology displaces air using a linear array of multiple smaller diaphragms. The result is a much more efficient loudspeaker geometry.
Highly scalable, Tymphany LAT technology can replicate a wide range of low and high frequencies-from 20Hz to above 4KHz-to deliver the best home theater sound experience. Tymphany LAT technology enables higher quality sound in space-sensitive consumer appliances such as flat panel TVs, automotive audio systems, home theatre systems, portable pro audio speakers, external personal computer speakers and architectural sound systems.
• Efficient Form Factor - Fits into rectangular spaces more efficiently than traditional cones.
• High Density Performance - Provides more bass in 1/3 the transducer space compared to a comparable transducer.
• Scalable and Stackable - Scales down to 2" and up to 12" in diameter, at any length. Stacks into large clusters for even more power.
• Vibration Free - Opposing end motors cancel out structural vibration. Transducer will not shake, and will not transmit structure-born vibrations to critical circuitry.
• Design Ease - Compatible with existing electroacoustic transducer design tools and processes-works with vented box, transmission line, infinite baffle, and sealed enclosures.
• Low Distortion - The balanced drive design cancels out harmonic distortion, resulting in distortion components that are significantly lower than in conventional drivers.
• Light Weight - Significantly lighter than traditional transducers with comparable output.

It's about time that someone decided to reduce the size of the diaphragms and arrange them in that way. The problem with a single large diaphragm on a speaker is that the sound becomes directional as the frequency rises. This becomes very apparent with drivers over 12".

I can't wait to see more of this technology in the future and see where it takes us with innovative products.

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Username: Fryguy

Nova Scotia Canada

Post Number: 393
Registered: Jun-04
Here is a nice picture of the LAT Speaker.Upload
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