Gallo Acoustics Reference 3 Loudspeakers


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I listened to the Gallo Reference 3's yesterday.

I really liked the shimmering stage, and punchy tight lower octaves. I also like the different style, they aren't that pretty, but I'm drawn to the engineering. The spherical driver enclosures, hightech cylinder tweeter, the stiff spinal case and stainless steel woofer enclosure. They are sort of short, under 36".

I just came across these, and will listen to them a few more times. I want to let all the hype subside, I'm a slow buyer, but I really like these.

Any one else here also considering the Gallo Reference 3 main speakers?


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Nice speakers. Also give a listen to the Green Mountain Audio Calipso at around $1800.00/pair
These babies sound like music should.

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I read your link to the Green Mountain review. That's a godo price, but I'm afraid I'm not high enough end user to adjust the speakers to get teh best sound from them. Do you have a pair? How is it?

A friend of mine has the Gallo Ref3s he loves them.

Are we living in a golden age of freaky audio tech or what?


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HMS.......the C-3's are expensive yes, but the Calipso is affordable and according to the designer they sound like a pair of mini c-3's. Worth looking into.......your call though. Good luck
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