Seperates on budget $2100


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looking at seperates at around $2100 budget. I know of the outlaw combo anything else. the outlaw combo i saw was the 950preamp/processor with the 7.1 multi amp. I would like 7.1preamp with 7.1 amp

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the 950 is capable of 7.1
Now if you want to go on a lower budget, I've tried the Kenwood 7080 with the Outlaw Audio 7100 and it is superb, mated to Athenas and Axioms.

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what about maybe the Arcam 300

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For about $2100 you can get an Adcom GTP 860ii and GFA-7605. The 860 is very capable and upgradeable. The 7605 is 5 x 125. I have seen this combo offered as low as 1700 on occasion.

Another alternative going the pre-owned route (via Audiogon) is to purchase a pre/pro like Rotel 1066 or B&K Ref 30. There are a plethora of great amps (some newer than others) at great prices. You can probably put together your system for about $1600 to $2100 with some great products.

Keep in mind that you can get a NEW Rotel 1075 (5 x 125) for $999. Ditto for NAD S-250.

By the way, I have not listened to the Arcam 300, but I have listened to the Arcam 200 (the little brother) paired with Vandersteens. I loved it! It was clear, detailed, beautiful.

What speakers do you plan to use?

Let us know.

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$2000/2200 budget,need your recommendation of the better combo to buy (:NAD C542, NAD C352, NAD T422) OR the ROTEL (RCD-02, RA-02,RT-02) and which of the following speakers :KEF, B&W, INFINITY,MISSION). THANKS...


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don't forget Magnepan MMG-W speakers, at only $299 a pair! they are wall mount, but you need a sub to say the least, because they only go down to 100 hz. (have a pair)

I am not an infinity fan, but throw paradigm in the mix as well. I love the paradigm sound, but some do not. The monitor series is a great buy!

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