B & W 602 vs 603 speakers (difference)


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Hello, I have an important decision to make. Should I buy the B & W 602 or 603 ?

I have been looking at purchasing a home theatre system for a few months now. I first started at Best Buy/Future Shop and listened to all their speakers in the demo room and wanted something a bit better than the Polk Audio Polk Ti 10 and Athena FS 2 speakers. I quickly realized that you get what you pay for so I started searching many of the specialized home audio stores in Toronto. The two best speakers I have found that fit my listening style is B & W 602 and 603. I really enjoyed the sound of the 603 based on limited test tracks inside the stores, but some of my friends say that the 603 may not be the best choice for me because its a 2.5 speaker system. They say that the passive/radiation speaker may provide a sweeter sound and more bass, but its bad because there is no current driving it and needs to be helped by the mid-range speaker (which requires more current from the receiver/Amp and also loss in the voice reproduction ?). Another bad point is that the 603 only has a 6.5" mid range driver where the 602 has a 7" mid range speaker.

My friends say its more beneficial for me to buy the 602 because of the larger mid-range driver and that I will save about $500 CDN which will be put towards the sub-woofer (which they say is much better than the passive/radiation speaker on the 603).

After hearing this information I have to kind of wonder what is the point of the 603 ? Its about $500 more and I would easily made it up with the sub-woofer. The only logical thing that I have been told is that the 603 is more suitable speaker for a two channel speaker stereo system while the 602 is better for a home theatre system.

If anyone can provide any advice/enlightment I would greatly appreciate your help.

Some notes I guess would be helpful.
I like listening to specific types of music: The Corrs, Celine Dion, Bond, Cranberries.
I was thinking of buying this set up:
BW 602 or 603 (fronts), 60 (centre), 600 (subwoofer), 600 (rears), Rotel 1056 or Intergra 5.1 receiver
I plan on using the system in 2 channel mode 70 % of the time and 30 % for DVD concerts (5 channel).
Room size 10 feet X 15 feet
budget $3 - 4,000 CDN before tax

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