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I get the impression Marantz is not great for Home Theater, that music is where they shine. I do not see any current reviews on this site or even for like the 4400 for that matter which seems to be the previous generation. One review for a current model Pioneer, Yamaha seems to have the most, is that because the new models for most brands have not had editorial reviews yet?

I hear good things about Pioneer Elite at a couple dealers but have not heard them yet. The Home Theater review of the VSX 55txi did not sell me on it. It is funny because people say Denon is bright and then others say laid back and warm. Some say Yamaha has a balanced sound but others say it is bright. I am hearing that the Yamahas do not have depth. One guy in person told me Marantz are very bright to him, most say very warm. It just proves that everybody has different tastes and can also perceive what they hear differently that is why it is important to listen for yourself before you buy.

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C B,

I dont really understand your question here, if there is one.

It really depends on what speakers they are paired with too, and people will hear something as being brighter if they are used to a warmer sounding receiver.

Its not at all that Marantz is bad in anyway with home theater, its that they do better with music. They are designed this way, and as once said before by Home Theater Mag. "You cant have the best of both worlds, its one or the other".


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